Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Speaking in sentences

It is so crazy to here my baby girl speaking in sentences!  I guess she is not a baby anymore, but she still poops her diaper...LOL.  Monday Clint says he thinks she might have pooped in the potty but he is not sure.  How he is not sure, I don't know, but that is what he said.  I can't believe she actually let him put her on the potty in the first place.  I guess I should get more into the habit of it, but it is frustrating when she never goes and doesn't really want to sit on the potty anyway.  I would really love it if she would poop in the potty though because lately she has had some terrible bumps on her bottom.  I even put a pair of panties on her the other morning to kind of let her "air dry" a little.  But, then she wanted to watch Barney which she does on my bed, so I put a diaper back on her.  She does seem to want to wear the panties; she just doesn't want to go to the bathroom in the potty.  All in due time I guess.  I never thought I would be writing about pooping in potties and such, but I guess that is what it is to have a little girl. 

Back to the sentences.  This morning she actually asked for a hair bow ("I on't airbow") which is amazing for her because every time I put one in her hair, she takes it right out.  But today she actually let me put it in and left it in for a good 30-45 minutes.  She also asked for cake which I gladly let her have because it saves me from eating it.  Clint and I might be going to Mexico in less than two weeks if I can get my shifts covered.  I am SOOOO excited!  I just need to stick to a strict diet until then and I should be in pretty good shape for laying out by the pool.  I guess I better get some stuff taken care of while Barney is entertaining her...LOL.

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