Saturday, February 16, 2008


On our bike ride yesterday (which made the newspaper today - a pic of the three of us on our bikes), Clint was often behind us and Summer would call out looking for him.  "Clint?"  She said his name a couple of times and I told her he was behind us.  I try to refer to him as Daddy when we are at home, but sometimes I do call him Clint.  So, it looks like Summer is trying to do the same thing...LOL.  Well, I guess it isn't actually too funny.  Now Clint is trying to teach her to say Jennifer, but I doubt she will pick it up too easy.  It is pretty difficult for kids to say unlike Clint.

Another word Summer says now is "Fwit" (quit).  Sometimes Clint will be tickling or teasing her and she will say, "Fwit it Daddy!"  She is  too cute!!! 

Okay so I pretty much went blank right now so I will finish this later when my mind returns to me.

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