Monday, February 11, 2008

"I like it, Mommy!"

Last night at dinner Summer said, "I like it, Mommy!"  She was talking about the chicken dipped in her dad's bowl of vinegar I think.  Clint said that it was her first complete sentence, ya know with a comma and all.  She had said, "I like it" a couple of times, but that didn't have the comma in it.  :)  I guess that is what makes a complete sentence at least according to Clint.  So, I thought I would write that in this journal so I never forget what her first complete sentence was. 

She is down for a nap right now.  We just got back from visiting my dad so they could play a little while.  I ran while they played, so that is workout #2 for the day out of the way.  Only one more to go.  I can't wait until next Tuesday.  I will be in Mexico and everything will be perfect!!!  It is going to be awesome! 

I guess that is about it.  Got to go figure out what we are going to do about eating.  I have been cooking fish almost everyday for dinner.  I am sure tonight will be the same.  Thankfully Summer likes fish too!  That little girl will eat just about anything.  From olives to tomatoes to Poptarts to oranges to peanut butter, she is always asking for something to eat.  She is starting to learn her juices too.  She has been drinking grapefruit (red and white), grape, and apple juice along with her chocolate milk lately.  She does like them, but still prefers chocolate milk to any of them.  She likes to stand up on her chair in the middle of dinner and announce how big she is to me and Clint.  It is cute.  I sure am happy she is in my life.  I don't know what I would do without her anymore.

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