Sunday, December 9, 2007

16 Days 'til Christmas

I can't believe Christmas is almost here.  This past year has flown by.  I just recently finished the Christmas album from last year and it is amazing how much Summer has changed in the past year.  She is talking all the time and becoming so independent, well kinda.  If she wants you to come in her room with her, she will let you know. LOL  She will tell you where to sit and may or may not share her toys and blankets with you. 

She is stacking blocks now until they tumble and fall.  If you stack the blocks, she knocks them down.  She is able to put shapes in the openings where they go so they will drop into the bucket although sometimes she cheats if she gets frustrated.  :)

We went to the Christmas parade last weekend which was fun.  My sister and parents came along with a few other family members.  It was really nice.  I don't remember going to a parade with everyone ever now that I think of it.  But, I guess that is not really uncommon.  Does anyone do that as like a tradition?  I guess it is a tradition I would like to start.  It always good to bring the family together so we can spend time together and celebrate special occasions.  We'll see who shows up next year. 

Today we went to a birthday party for one of Summer's friends.  Mason's 2nd birthday was on the 6th and he was all boy at his party today.  Well mostly....  Anyways, it was fun.  Summer kept coming to get me to go in the playroom with her.  After a while, she warmed up to going without me or Clint.  She was a cutie as usual.  She really liked this singing and dancing reindeer that Mason had.  Oh and the stuffed donkey he got.  We saw a stuffed animal at ToyRUs a few weeks ago that she loved.  But, it was $50 and I just can see paying $50 for a stuffed animal.  I saw a similar one at Wal-mart for $20, but I still can't cough up the dough.  If it was as big as the other one, I probably would though.  :)  I am being good so far though and not going crazy on her Christmas gifts.  I have only bought two or three gifts which I think is pretty good.

Summer also loves to play outdoors or"walk" as she calls it sometimes.  Her favorite thing to do right now is play on steps.  She is trying to master them, but she still has a way to go.  She holds onto the handrails (when she can reach them) and uses them for stability.  Sometimes she holds my hand instead.  It really is so amazing to see her grow and accomplish new things.  She it truly turning into a little girl.  I am still trying to hold onto my "baby" for as long as I can, but she is getting so big.  I can hardly hold her in my arms like a baby anymore.  She is tall which I guess she gets from her daddy....along with her brown eyes. 

Here are a few videos for you to enjoy:

Playing with a bear and a blanket:

Eating broccoli:

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vssunnyad said...

aww...she looks so grown up! :) SOOOO CUTE!!!