Monday, November 26, 2007

It's been a while

Summer is at the other computer right now pretending to type.  She is getting so big.  She especially loves to play with the mouse.  The other day I let her click through some pictures on the computer and she loved it.  The only problem was she wanted to start pushing all kinds of buttons rather than the one that clicks through the pics.  So, I had to put an end to her fun before she messed something up.  I tried to tell her to just push the one button, but she is 1 1/2 so that didn't go over very well.  :)

She is saying all kinds of words and sentences now.  Unfortunately I can't understand it all.  She can pretty much say anything, but she is not too good with S's.  She said her name for the first time last weekend - "ummer."  One of her favorite things to say is "I on play"  (I want to play).  I guess she isn't to good with W's either.  It is cute to hear her talk though.  She's a rowdy girl.  I guess she gets it from Clint - NOT.  She definitely gets it from me.  I'm not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing, but probably the latter.

She's climbing too - on everything.  She is my little monkey. 

My dad moved out last weekend.  I was sad to see him go, but I guess it was time.  We sure do miss him, but he doesn't live too far away so I'm sure we will still get to see him a lot.  He is watching Summer tomorrow while Clint and I take our real estate exam so we can get our licenses.  I can't wait until that is over.  Yesterday was our last day of school.  Thank goodness!!!!!  I thought it would never end.  I hear some noise in the other room, so I better go see what she is into now. 


sharonna1955 said...

great to hear from you again we understand life gets busy..wishing you good luck on your exams have a great day ...                      Sue

slcangelxxx said...

My Summer has been pointing to herself and saying, "Muhmuh" a lot lately. And she
likes to type, too, as you can see. Lol. She says a lot of unintelligible sentences. I can't wait until I know what she's saying!
Let me know how the real estate thing goes...I've been thinking about getting my license as well.