Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed in

It snowed as predicted Sunday night, and we awoke to a winter wonderland on Monday at Memaw's house. Sledding was first on the list after breakfast. The snow was so deep though, that it needed to be packed down before any good sledding happened. After lunch, we headed to the gorge with Clint, Josh, Amanda and her friend. The road had been plowed, but was still covered in snow and ice. It was a very fun and fast ride. Summer only went down it 2 or 3 times because she prefers the slower rides. After all of our toes and hands were freezing, we headed back to my mom's house. Over the next few days, we hung out and played games, watched cartoons, and played in the snow. We tried to build a snowman, but the snow was not good packing so it ended up being a snow castle. We couldn't find a flag, but Summer added trees to it with sticks. Scratch, one of their dogs, wanted to help, but she was only tearing it down. I think she might be the culprit who got the snowman we built in the last snow. Summer didn't seem to mind the cold outside as much as Lexie who was not a fan of walking in deep snow or wearing gloves which led to cold hands and short stays outside for her. We were all happy to see the snow and were not ready for it to end when it did. Clint came out and moved my car down the street on Wednesday so we could come home to him. It was sad to leave our winter wonderland where we were secluded and surrounded only by those we love.

In a way it was nice to be home and have the puppy pooping on a different floor. LOL She does pretty good using the pee pad for peeing, but pooping is hit or miss....mostly miss. Luckily, her poop is pretty small and solid so not too disgusting if you don't think about it and worry about germs too much. Summer really loves her dog. This morning she said again, that she was the best puppy and was so happy Santa found the perfect gift. Too bad her daddy hasn't found that affection yet. He did hold her yesterday which is a step in the right direction. Amanda even snapped a pic of the momentous occasion with her phone. But, then Trixie lost all her points again when she peed on our bed while he was watching TV in there. Oops! Summer loves to kiss her puppy, but is not too good about just letting the dog snuggle on her lap. It must be hugged and flopping/flying around in her arms. So far, the dog seems OK with everyone and I think she is really well socialized since she goes most places we go....even church a few times. She is getting really good at running and darting out of your hands too. I think maybe the kids want her more than she wants them sometimes which leads to a game of chase. She's pretty fast and wins most of the time until her hunter takes a slower approach at getting her.

Maybe today we will get in a little more sledding. Summer had gone once since we got back from my mom's. Yesterday, her daddy took her and she only went once. I'm guessing it was too fast of a ride. Cross your fingers for slow rides today so Summer can really enjoy the rest of the snow while we have it. She's already asked to go in the hot tub later and I'm a little iffy since she has some sort of virus. But, maybe we can work on her bubble blowing before her 3rd swim lesson tonight. I'm hoping she will play a dancing game with me on the Wii today. Usually, she won't play against me because I always win. Last time, she did tell me I cold play without the remote though. Her favorite song right now is "Earth Song" on the Michael Jackson game. She really rocks it out and it is so cute to watch her, but even more fun to dance along. Who knows what all the day will bring? Good times, I'm sure!

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