Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another sleepover

Last night, my mom had a grand baby sleepover at her house. There were 5 kids in attendance - Leah, Jonathan, Summer, Lexie and Austin. Summer had been counting down ever since the last one was postponed two weeks ago. Even Lexie was excited to go. I guess she knew sleepovers were fun since they also had one last weekend with some of their friends. Before we met up with my mom for the drop off yesterday, Summer had her 8th swimming lesson which went great. This week she finally warmed up to them and is excited for her next lesson on Monday. She is ready to do some "alligators" she says. I think that is where they swim across the pool with their arms straight and hands stacked, face in the water blowing bubbles and kick. Anyways, I am so happy she finally turned the corner and is ready to learn to swim. As a special treat, the teacher lets the girls jump in the big pool at the end of class. Their actual class is done in an endless pool. She jumped off the side 3 times and swam to the teacher. I was so proud because until these classes, she would not jump off the side without holding my hands and wearing a floatation device. Her first 8 class session is over and the next one starts Monday. She is still in the beginner class and on her certificate the teacher told her she needed to work on blowing bubbles with her eyebrows in the water. The girls were excited to go off with Memaw afterwards.

This morning they were both having a great time when I showed up to help transport them to Tigers for Tomorrow to see some big cats. Lexie enjoyed watching Barney on the drive there. Summer and her cousins rode with Memaw and Nanny. There were more cats than we could've imagined there: tigers, African lions, mountain lions, black leopards and servals. There were also a few wolves, some coatimundis, foxes, bears, emus, a zebra, a camel, a llama, a turkey, a chicken, a rooster and tons of goats. It was a very cool experience for us all. Little Lexie looked like the perfect snack to some of the cats and it was crazy to see them eyeballing her and ready to pounce on her if they could've gotten to her. She had no clue though and was not the least bit afraid. We got there just in time to see them being fed which made the experience even cooler. There were no pics allowed though which was the only bummer. Well, that and the car ride home was too long for Summer. Thankfully, she fell asleep before she drove me crazy. Lexie crashed not long after we got in the car. I just love seeing their cute little faces - awake or sleeping. They are precious girls!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Summer, glad that you had a good sleepover! Happy Valentine's Day! Keeping you in my prayers,

God bless