Sunday, January 16, 2011

The new kid on the block

Is there a saying that dogs don't pee in the same place twice? Or, poop for that matter. It looks like I've got another child to potty train. Darn Santa. LOL Shortly after I let Trixie out this morning, she peed on the rug. I know she pooped in "her room" aka the laundry room last night. Not on the pee pad though, but in her usual poop spot in that particular room. Maybe it's time to put down another pee pad in there. It is clear that I MUST have an artificial grass pee pad for the condo unless I make a habit of taking her out. It really isn't that much of a bother and fresh air is always nice for the girls. She doesn't really seem to mind going outside too much now that she is a few weeks older and a little bit bigger, even in the cold. She loved the ice in the driveway earlier this week. Summer is always game for a trip outside, unless she is on the phone with her cousins and Auntie like she was yesterday. I'm not even sure she noticed me and Lexie leaving with Trixie. She was very enthralled in the conversation she was having.

There was supposed to be a grandbaby sleepover on Friday, but it got cancelled due to illness. On Thursday, Summer woke up coughing, very warm and with one slightly matted eye. She had been rubbing her eyes all evening before bed, even after a bath to wash and rinse it out. Around midnight, she came and got me to potty and I noticed she was warm. Her temperature was 100.5, so I found the newly bought children's ibuprofen tablets and got her 1 1/2 to chew up. They were orange flavored, and she didn't put up too much of a fuss about it. But, she did say later that they made her throat feel funny or hurt; I can't remember which. Anyways, we got dressed right away and headed to the doctor. The girls had breakfast in the waiting room - cheese, turkey and pretzel goldfish. Summer surprised me that morning and actually asked for chocolate milk. I can't remember the last time she has willingly, without a fuss, drank chocolate milk. I knew then, she was sick. The next day she definitely put up a fuss about it and only drank the 1/2 glass she was asked to. Well, almost. I let it go since she was sick and not feeling well. She didn't eat very much at all for the next few days. She was diagnosed with some sort of virus, including conjunctivitis -- pink eye. Not the treatable kind of course, this being a virus and not a bacteria. Summer has been pretty good about washing her hands, but has not and will not touch a drop of hand sanitizer. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with her thumb sucking and having tasted it on several occasions via her thumb. My nephew was also sick with pneumonia and unable to go outside. So, the plans for the sleepover were put on hold for two weeks. Summer is counting down the days. She loves, loves, loves, to spend time with her cousins. She also hoping there will be two extra grandbabies at this next sleepover. 2 adults vs. 5 kids -- the odds are great! I might have to join in on this sleepover if I can get permission. LOL

Despite the snow and being away from home, we managed to get through 4 more letters (g, h, i & j) this week. She got a new game, "Sorry," from Katie for Christmas. It is a lot of counting and she loves it so she has been working on her numbers too. Shows like Word World, Sesame Street and Super Why have also played a part in her educational growth this week. I love PBS channels and the quality shows they provide for kids. Sprout, Nick Jr. and Disney also provide some educational type shows, but I still don't let her watch just anything on them. The kids comedy/ soap opera like shows that come on are off limits. No Hannah Montana, iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, or The Suite Life in this house. Kids learn too much too fast in my opinion so I like to shelter mine when I can. I like shows that focus on positive values and behaviors rather than violence and negativity. Barney is the supreme master of them all around here. Summer was always a fan and now Lexie is too. At least there is one thing they can pretty much always agree on and that's Barney. Summer does like to watch something other than that, but if Barney is on and she walks into the room, chances are she's going to watch it.

I emailed two schools this week to see about setting up visits so we can finalize where Summer will be going. I've only heard back from one, but I think most schools were closed all week so I'm sure I will hear from the other this next week. The two we are looking at are Bright School and St. Peter's Episcopal School. But, we are not definitely set on either. I'll admit Summer's not the only one who's not looking forward to the school year ahead. But, she's growing up and that's what has to happen. I hope our campus tours give us a clear picture of what would best suit her. Okay, my nerves are starting to twitch. I must move on.


Anonymous said...

Is this getting permission thing a two way street? LOL

Stephanie said...

I am SO glad Harley was housebroken when we got her! Good luck with all that.

I hope everyone is feeling better! We were all sick for weeks it seemed like, I think it's finally gone now.

Good luck with the school decision. We're going through that now, too. The application period is next month. The school we really want her to go to only accepts a fourth of the kids that apply, so I'm super nervous. I'm sure you will find the perfect place for Summer, it helps so much to walk around and get a feel for the environment!

Susie said...

Good Luck with the school decision!! I know your mother instinct will know the right one for her.

Good Luck also with potty training the dog.