Thursday, December 9, 2010

No more spots!

Summer's CT scan this morning showed that the spots they saw a few weeks ago have disappeared. It was long morning for me, and when I finally saw the Dr. my nerves were getting the better of me. He checked the results on the computer and came over to me smiling. I knew then we were in the clear. He called it our "Christmas miracle" and it truly was. He already had me prepared to do it all over again and the relief of knowing we don't have to was overwhelming. It wasn't until then that I think Summer knew something could have seriously been wrong with her. Of course, I didn't go into all the details, and she didn't ask too much so it was win-win all the way around. Anyways, time to breathe again and with a happy heart!


Susie said...

It truly is a miracle. God is good!!

Stephanie said...

Wonderful!!! I am so happy to hear that.

Kristi said...

What wonderful news! Praising God for this!