Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 days to Jesus' birthday

The other day I asked Summer if she knew whose birthday was on Christmas and she said "No." I was surprised because the Christmas story is all about the birth of Jesus, but her mind never put the two together making Christmas Jesus' birthday. Even with the nativity scene decorations she put up, it didn't sink in. Before bed last night, we pulled out a book about the story of Jesus' birth that her Nona gave her a few years ago and read it last night with her cousins. They all listened and even chimed in certain information that was not in the book. For example, the fact that Mary and Joseph weren't married. And, that the wise men never really made it to the stable. Got to love kids and the things they remember being told.

Yesterday, Summer's cousins and my sister came up for lunch at Mellow Mushroom and then went to the Imax with us to see The Polar Express. We all enjoyed it. Summer started the movie in between her cousins, but did eventually crawl into my lap when it got "scary" to her. I love the fact that she still does that. Cuddly moments definitely rock in my book! When her cousins are here, she won't let me love on her or hold her too much like she normally does. If it were just Lexie here, she'd be all over it though. But, then they would both be fighting over my lap. After the movie, we headed down to the Discovery Museum. I couldn't see any reason to say no to their pleas to go there. Of course, each child wanted to do a different part of the museum. The girls did a good job staying together while I ran between them and Jonathan.

Not too long into the visit, they were all in ready to leave and head to the lake house so they could play the Wii. They did a good job entertaining each other and playing together all night and amazingly did not drive me anywhere near insanity like I had anticipated they might. Summer would not play against me on the Wii game Just Dance. She hates the fact that I always win, even when I try not to. Fortunately my niece had a better attitude and knows that it is just about having fun and not who wins and loses so I did get to play some. I really hope Summer will realize this before too long. There was a request to make cookies at one point which I granted. The chocolate chip cookies were swiftly eaten and then the kids rushed off to use up some of the energy they got from them. We finished off the evening with popcorn and a movie, "Santa Buddies," in my bed. Then I tucked them all in Summer's bed and waited for them to go to sleep. Let's just say that took forever and the two big kids scared Summer by being scared themselves to sleep in her room which she usually has no problem at all sleeping in by herself. Seemed kind of backwards to me, but I guess they heard some noises that spooked them. They finally all gave it up sometime around eleven and drifted off to sleep in time for the elf to run off to the North Pole to fetch them all surprises.

The kids woke up before me and searched for the elf. But, he was no where to be found so they sent Summer in my room to see if it was okay for them to be up and looking for the elf. This was after they had already done a full search. LOL After I was up for about five minutes, Summer finally discovered the elf and their presents in the fireplace. Silly elf was hiding. :) They were all happy to have a surprise, but only Summer played with hers right away. She got a Disney Princess scrunch art set, Leah got a metal puzzler game, and Jonathan got a box of magic tricks. Clint was surprised the kids all got gifts from the elf and is so jealous that he says the elf better bring him something tomorrow. What a big kid he is! We've actually got one more kid tonight, so I hope the elf is prepared to bring 4 gifts in the morning.

Now, if only I can get these kids in the bed. They've been playing the Wii all evening long and should be just about ready to pass out. I bet it will take at least an hour for them to wind down once in bed though. You know how sleepovers go.....

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