Thursday, December 16, 2010

A family tradition

This week we made our annual trip to the Opryland Hotel to enjoy the Christmas festivities it offers. Gumdrop, our elf, came along for the fun. Summer has enjoyed swimming in the pool and hot tub, although Gumdrop and Teddy didn't get to do those activities. The horse drawn carriage ride around the hotel was very cold, but one that could not be skipped. Summer and Lexie both enjoyed petting the horses afterwards, followed by a trip to the outdoor nativity. It is truly beautiful and this was the first year we actually walked up to it. Last year, we just viewed it from our carriage and then hurried back inside to beat the cold. Not that it wasn't cold this year, but this is the first time Summer had the interest to walk up to it. Lexie definitely wanted to go see baby Jesus. It is so cute the way she says "baby Jesus" whenever she sees a nativity. I actually bought her a small snow globe last night with the nativity scene in it, knowing good and well it would probably get broken. It did, within the first five minutes. Oh well, I'll get all the glass out and let her play with it then. When Summer saw the snow globe, she was jealous and wanted something for herself. I tried reminding her of the 3 ornaments she had already gotten on this trip, but that didn't calm her any. I didn't cave though seeing that she needs to learn that she doesn't always have to get something when someone else does.

Summer really enjoyed walking through the enormous hotel and seeing all the decorations they have. At night, they have a fountain that puts on a show while you listen to Christmas music. She really liked it and got to enjoy it both nights of our stay. She also enjoyed the trip through the ICE exhibit which was themed "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." We got lucky because we watched that movie last week so she was familiar with the characters. Lexie, however, did not enjoy the coldness of the exhibit and refused to get out of the stroller the whole time. She cried when we tried to get her to go down the slides they have in there, but I think it was just because her hands were freezing. It was cold in there, below 10 degrees and possibly below zero. We were bundled up, but her gloves just weren't enough to keep her hands from being cold. The fact that Clint picked some icicles off of the hotel on the way there and gave them to the girls to eat probably didn't help because her gloves were a little damp when we got there. Oh well, they sure did enjoy the icicles. The SNOW exhibit, where you play in the snow, go through a snow maze, see live reindeer, make snow angels and throw snowballs, was something Summer was really looking forward to, but it didn't open until 6 p.m. so we didn't get to do it. Hopefully, she won't remember on our way out today because I know she will be bummed to know she isn't going to get to do it. Maybe next year.

Last night, after a second trip to the train which both girls loved, we toured the craft show. Amazingly enough, we left there empty handed. We then made our way to dinner which was followed by watching the Rockabilly Christmas singers and dancers. It, too, was a hit with both girls. We danced like crazy, although no one else was. Earlier in the day when I mentioned going to the show, Summer said we were going to "break it down." I guess she gets that from me. :)

Although Summer was not the nicest on Tuesday (I thought for sure she should be on the naughty list), she woke up Wednesday morning to another surprise from the elf. She got a kids charades game which she really enjoyed playing. She caught on very quickly and I can tell it is something we will definitely enjoy as a family. He brought Lexie something too -- a book called "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear." She loved it, just as she does most any book. Today when she wakes up, her elf has left her a movie about dogs. A Benji movie I think. Lexie will get a Christmas book. Both girls will be delighted I'm sure. Summer tries to take the elf where ever we go because she said he likes adventures. I hope she doesn't wear him out on his stay, but he will be off to the North Pole again on Christmas Eve so it's good she is dragging him along where ever we go. It is cool to see her believe in the magic and I can only hope it lasts for years to come.


Susie said...

Glad to see that all of you enjoyed Opryland hotel. That is a great tradition. I went there Thanksgiving weekend and still love it no matter how many times we go.We enjoyed the ice show, and the rockettes. The hotel does amazing on decorating it. Took many pictures.

Kristi said...

What fun!! You guys always seem to do some great stuff. I feel so boring. HA!