Sunday, December 26, 2010

The day after

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Summer and I ended up spending the night with my mom last night, along with Summer's new best friend - Trixie. She didn't even open all of her Christmas presents yesterday morning. After two or three, she was over it and ready to spend the day with her new puppy. She's not too good at sharing it yet and always wants to be the one holding it. She's already been working on teaching her some tricks so that she can live up to her name. At first, she wanted to name her Pixie like our friend's chihuahua. Then when Trixie came up, it stuck.

Summer was not the first one up on Christmas morning. I was so excited, that I was up and down all night long. I finally gave up on sleeping and got ready for Summer to wake up. It didn't take her long to discover the puppy whining in the crate. Santa left it for Summer in her stocking which she told me she wanted Santa to fill, not me. On Christmas Eve, she helped me fill the rest of the stockings and specifically told me not to do hers. I guess it was a good thing since Santa had a special little puppy to go in it.

Not only did she get a great present from Santa, she also got a white Christmas. Our friend pulled us down the street behind his truck on the sled that Clint had bought the day before. We all got a turn and it was fun. But, the most fun was when we got to my mom's house and got to sled, make snowballs and build a snowman with her cousins. The snow was perfect for packing. Today when we went out, it was colder and better for sledding. Summer really hit it big this year because she told me last week or sometime it was going to snow on Christmas and I told her probably not. Guess she is a good forecaster!

On Christmas Eve, we picked up Josh, Amanda and Lexie and headed to my Grandad's farm for some exploring before our Christmas celebration with the Vice family. We saw chickens, cows and puppies. The horses were in a different part of the pasture and it was too cold to walk to them. Or, maybe we were just too lazy. We climbed up in the hay loft of one of the barns where the chickens hangout sometimes. There was a trap, not a cage as Summer quickly pointed out, for some kind of animal. Gumdrop went on this adventure with us too since he was supposed to go back to the North Pole on Christmas. However, Summer hid him under her covers and Santa forgot to pick him up. She was very happy about that. She isn't looking forward to his departure, but I've got a feeling it will be very soon.


Susie said...

Glad to see you was excited about her puppy!! Pets are so special to children.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Summer, glad that you had a good Christmas sweetie. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless