Monday, November 29, 2010

MRI is clear!!!

After waiting all weekend, I called the Dr. today to find out the MRI results. I was so happy to get a call back with good news. They called Summer in a prescription since she is still coughing which will hopefully clear up the spots if they are infection. I don't think she really had any idea about the spots until bedtime tonight. She was complaining about how bad the medicine they gave her tastes and how she is not going to take it again. I told her she was going to take it 4 more times so hopefully the spots would go away. "What spots?" she replied. I didn't go into details and never mentioned the awful "C" word. But, I did tell her it was for her cough when she said she would cough a lot if she had to take it again. LOL

Today she had her 2nd dentist appointment. She did not want to go, but she did great once she got there. Her teeth still look good. They will do x-rays next time to check for in between the teeth cavities. I doubt she will have any though since she is a pretty good brusher.

This afternoon we watched Christmas movies and made some reindeer ornaments at her request. How lucky she was that I had already found some to make in a Christmas craft book!?! Tomorrow we are going to decorate our big tree. She also is going to decorate her new white tree and has said she is going to let Lexie help her. She has come a long way when it comes to Lexie. She used to be jealous, but now she is used to her and even misses her when she is not here. When Lexie came home with Clint tonight, she ran up to her and gave her a hug. It was sweet. I'm not saying she will let Lexie play with everything of hers, but she is doing better.

Well, she wants to go to bed with me so I will sign off. She told me I can blog tomorrow. :) Sweet dreams everyone!


Susie said...

That is fantastic news!!

Kristi said...

Yes!!! I am so thankful to hear this news!! I've been so anxious to hear the MRI results ever since your post last week. Praising God for this!! Thank you, thank you, Lord!