Monday, November 22, 2010

Limbo land

It really does feel like we are slipping and sliding right now. Our feet have been knocked out from under us and we are in for some sort of ride. Dr. Gratias called on Saturday to say that her CT scan showed something in the lungs. While they are not certain it is cancer, it is a big possibility. My heart was broken all over again at the thought of more suffering for her. Another surgery. More hospital stays. More chemotherapy. More radiation. Of course that lovely hair she has been growing for the past year, which she wants to be longer than it is, would fall out. When she was 2 it was no big deal, but now at age 4 it might be. She doesn't know. Or if she does, she hasn't said anything. At church yesterday, as we were surrounded by those who love us, there were some tears shed. Memaw, Nanny and myself were tearing up all through the beautiful Thanksgiving music service too. But, she never said anything. She's smart though so I'm sure she knows something is up with somebody. I want to wait until we know for sure though to bring the blow down on her. That doesn't even sound right. I should never have to do that. But, if it is cancer, it will be fight war.

There is hope though. It's like a ray of light shining through the dark clouds. We got copies of the last two CT scans and took them to our neighbor who does Clint's scans. His first impressionwas not cancer. However, he is not familiar with the Rhabdoid tumor that Summer was diagnosed with. Two other doctors, who are familiar with it, told Dr. Gratias that they were concerned so he sent a copy of her CT scans to Chicago. That doctor should be getting it today. Our neighbor said he would not rule out infection and would definitely want a biopsy if it was up to him. So, now I am hoping for a fungus or something. Anything, but cancer!!!

Summer has an MRI of the brain tomorrow. On Wednesday, we should have a clearer picture of what is really going on with her. For now, we wait and pray.

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Susie said...

We know a more powerful God that can make everything cancer free. I am praying so hard for her. That just broke my heart when I read this. My prayers are with her and the family.