Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yikes!!! She's a bugger eater!

Yep, it's true. Sad, but true. So, here's how it goes last night:

Me: Don't eat your buggers.

Summer: But, I like them.


Not sure how to stop it because she is a bugger maker right now. Her nose is snotty and buggery just about every time I look at her. I tell her to get a tissue or get her one myself and she blows them out. But, sometimes a few crusty buggers are just hanging around and she will pick them. Now not all of them go to her mouth, but even if one does it is too many in my opinion. I tried to explain to her that it is germs and stuff that her body is trying to get rid of, but she "likes them." Now, onto more pleasant subjects....
We have been seeing quite a bit more of Lexie lately which is nice. She is the doll above wearing a hat I got her at the clinic. It is crocheted like her favorite blanket so I figured she might actually wear it or at least be comforted it by it should she be without the blanket but have the hat. The other day I took the girls to the mall playground which was fun. Afterwards, Summer rode home with her Daddy. As they were riding down the road, Clint was acting like he was going to throw Teddy out the window. He would hang him out and pull him back in. Well, when Summer had a try at it, out the window he flew. I was on the phone with Clint at the time and all I heard was "Summer I'm going to shoot you." Then he hung up. I had no idea what was going on, but was filled in with "she threw Teddy out the window" when I called him right back. Well, I wouldn't say she actually threw him out so much as he accidentally fell out of her hand when she was imitating her dad. Funny how a few words can change your view of what actually happened.

Summer had fun making this snowman at Willow's house last week. We are going to put a magnet on him so he can decorate our fridge during the holiday seasons to come.

Fishing for cats....what fun!

Leah and Summer enjoyed the tea party, but not as much as me and my sis. Summer's favorite part was putting sugar into her tea. She always seemed to need more, but it is okay because she probably only had a sip of it.

Me and my sis with our girls....great memories.

Okay, so the pic below is of the "house" that was in my living room until yesterday. We finally cleaned it up yesterday afternoon before Summer convinced us to go to Olive Garden for dinner. We went a few days ago, but on the way to the car she lost her green crayon. She was very upset because she had brought her menu and the crayons to the car...losing one in the process. So, we needed to go back and get her another green crayon. Not that we don't have green crayons at home, but they are NOT Olive Garden crayons. LOL So, last night sure enough she toted her red crayon and menu back to the restaurant and got another green crayon. Now, they are both in the living room floor with her newest creation which she built after I went to bed last night. I am assuming she was playing restaurant but I will have to wait until she gets up to verify that. Wait, here she comes. Well, she says she doesn't remember. Maybe I should give her a few minutes to wake up.

We are off to another play date today. I am so lucky to have friends with kids her age that she can go play with. Not only do the kids benefit, but the mommies too because then we can catch up and talk about adult things. Let's hope there is no bugger eating today, at least in public.


Susie said...

So glad Ellie hasn't started eating bugger yet. Glad to see that she does has some great friends to play with.

Bridgett said...

Parker did the whole booger thing too for a few weeks. Then he just stopped. And as far as I know, Autumn never has.

So she'll outgrow worries. :)

Love the 'house.' LOL

-*aMaNdA*- said...

hahaha jenn- about the bugars- thats hilarious --- hahahah... idk what i will do when i come to that either. haha....
and thats even funnier about the bear gettin thrown out the window.. she got it back.. im sure?