Thursday, January 7, 2010


No, not that kind. I am referring to modeling behavior that you want to see in your child. It is important to act and speak the way you want your kids to act because they will follow your lead. If you are a happy, smiling person, your kid will probably be the same. If you frown a lot, your kid probably will too. Something I have always tried to do with Summer is to keep a smile on my face and give her a fun atmosphere in which to grow up. So far I think she is a very happy child. A few nights ago, I went to our support group meeting and we had a speaker talking about disciplining the sick child. Basically, the discipline should be no different than before. She said it is important to keep the same level of expectations so that after they are well, they will be able to function in society as they should. I didn't learn much new, but did have some things reinforced. Consistency is key. Also, swift punishments that get their attention. There were two "R" words, but for the life of me I can't remember either. While there, I was reminded of something that my mom told me Summer did while playing dolls at her house a few weeks ago. She had a little "talk" with her baby and told them that if they needed to have another one they will. :) I guess she's heard that before. Lately when she is misbehaving, I have been sending her to her room until she calms down. Seems to be working pretty good so far. A lot of times, she will say she is angry, and I'm not sure where she has heard that before. She is pretty good at expressing her emotions, but not always in a way that I would like. Overall, she knows I mean what I say. Although she may not always like it, she is learning that obeying your parents is important.

On a lighter note, things are going great. Summer is really loving her Littlest Pet Shop toys. She got a doctor office for them and they have been getting really good treatment from Dr. Summer (although she's been calling herself Thomas for the past day or so-LOL). Yesterday, we did a flower garden craft that she got and she loved it. She did not want to stop before it was all done, but we had to make a quick trip to the hospital to visit a friend. She was very disappointed that I wouldn't let her take it with her, but as soon as we got home, we finished it up. This morning she had me find her a watering can so she can pretend to water her flowers. :) She always seems to make me smile with her imaginative ways.

We got a new game for our Wii called "Just Dance." The first time we played it together, Summer won. I know it will be lots of fun (and exercise) for us as she loves to dance as much as I do. We are really music people. Maybe she'll grow up to be an entertainer.

She goes back to the clinic on Monday for her monthly antibiotic and port flush. Scans will be next months. Not going to worry about them though because we've got enough on our plate with Daddy's treatment starting up in a week and a half.


Anonymous said...

Love the Wii game too. It is so much fun!!

Stephanie said...

Great post, that is so true!

Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great weekend! :o)

God bless

Angel_​Wings Prayer Warriors


Bridgett said...

You know, I've been trying to talk Autumn out of her bashfulness around people she doesn't know well...but it DOES NOT work.

I tell her to watch mommy talk, chat, and laugh with friends or Parker's teachers, etc...but she doesn't pay much attention to me.

It took her over a year to talk to her gymnastics teacher! Eeek. She takes shyness to a whole other level.

Anyway, I'm glad that things are going so well, overall.

I wish Clint only the best in the next few weeks.