Thursday, February 5, 2009

I pooped in my panties!

I just love the announcements kids make on airplanes. You know, loud enough for everyone in a four row radius to hear. Especially when it is my kid. :)

She did a good job holding her pee in when she had to wait about an hour before the plane actually took off and we were high enough to get out of our seats. Although I did NOT end up waiting on the seat belt sign to go off. When I saw another lady get up, I got Summer and made a mad dash for the bathroom. You gotta love airplane bathrooms. Imagine getting into one with a two year old and trying to keep yourself and her from touching anything, especially the nasty potty. Thank God for toilet seat covers and tissues.

The plane rides went pretty awesome yesterday. Summer sat in between me and my dad. She spilt water once. Lucky for me, it was on her and my dad. Lucky for them, it was only water and not the Sprite sitting right next to it. I think Clint was the one that ended up spilling Sprite. LOL

Other than that, she was pretty good. Thanks to my dad, she let me watch the movie although she did climb in and out of my lap a few times during it. My dad took her to the bathroom once for me which was also nice because the movie was pretty good. I have no idea what it was called, but I did cry a few times. She did not nap the whole day and was pretty wound up when we got home around 8:00. As soon as we got home, she started playing with her stuff too busy to eat. It wasn't until about 9:45 that she got hungry and wanted Pop-tarts with "no icing."

I better go wake her up. We need to leave in 15 minutes for Playgym. Holy crap.


Bridgett said...

Welcome home! :)

Tricia said...

Aww, glad the flight home wasn't a diaster!