Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday nights 2009

Facebook has recently gotten me thinking about the Friday nights of yore when I was out with friends stirring up trouble. :) Now it is nothing like that. Last night we went to dinner and then shopping for a few new outfits for the gym, at least that is what I ended up buying. Then we came home and watched Barney. Yep, my Friday nights have turned into family nights. I have been thinking about asking if my grand baby could spend the night the past few, but haven't really gotten around to it yet because I have to teach at 9:30 on some Saturday mornings. Like today. I know Amanda doesn't want me to keep the baby just so I can go wake her up early and give her back. She is still at the stage I was at when I was in high school. Oh to be 18 again....not sure I'd really want to though. I'll settle for cartoons if it means I get to snuggle with my little girl. Who, by the way, woke me up two times after I had fallen asleep and entered my dream world. The first time didn't really bother me, but the second time I was a little grumpy (to say the least). Especially since I don't think she really needed anything the second time. And, the dream was good.

Summer is going to my mom's tonight. I think Saturday nights are gonna be our new date nights. It just works out since we meet up for church on Sundays. Plus my mom has started going to the gym on Saturday mornings so it works for her too. I foresee a night filled with poker in my near future. I doubt I'll win though. :)

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Bridgett said...

Okay...I'm so confused. You have a grandbaby? LOL

Help me out look about 21! :)