Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Years Old

Today is Summer's 2nd birthday.  She has been sung to many times today.  First by me, then by her Daddy.  My mom, dad, brother, granny, and Tre all sang too.  By the time she got the fourth call, she was a little burnt out.  She missed a call from her sister Amanda so maybe I will have her call her back when she wakes up from her nap, which of course she did not want to take.  She has been protesting lately, but when she sees I am not budging, she usually does not put up a fight. 
She has been testing me a lot lately.  I guess that is part of the terrible twos.  You know, THE LOOK.  There is also this thing called a TANTRUM.  I am sure if you ever had a two year old, you would understand what I am talking about.  The loud refusal/protesting, the tears, the rolling around on the floor...  Been there done that.  And I am over it.  I just hope she is too and soon.  So far, I have been strong and I think she respects that.  Still, doesn't stop her from throwing them though.  Darn.
Saturday is Summer's birthday party at Buddy Bear, and I hope Clint is feeling better by then.  Right now we can't even hardly get him out of the house much less anywhere more than a block or two away.  I REALLY hope he feels like going to her birthday party on Saturday.  I will be way bummed if he is not.  I was wanting to go out for dinner somewhere today for a small celebration, but I really doubt Clint will feel like it.  He only walks around once or twice a day, besides going to the bed/couch and bathroom.  I am getting a little frustrated with his recovery, but Summer is doing a good job of keeping me entertained/busy.  I take her to go get her picture taken later today or this week.  It depends on what she feels like after she wakes up. 
She opened her presents from us today.  The furniture/sister/dog for her dollhouse Santa brought her for Christmas.  She loves it and has played with it off and on all day.  Of course, she wants me to play with her.  And I am happy too.

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