Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I think I gave Summer at least 200 kisses today.  We had an awesome day together that started with her waking up.  "MOMMY!"  Then her usual guessing as to whether or not Daddy is in the bed or on the couch (where he slept a lot after his surgery).  I carried her out to the living room, her snuggling me and hiding her eyes from the light.  "Turn the light off," she says.  I tell her it is just the sunlight and I can't cut it off.  She gradually peaks out as her eyes get used to the light (her room is pitch black).  Then I turn on cartoons for her and give her a pop-tart.  A little while later, I am ready to eat so she decides to eat cereal with me.  She had her frosted strawberry mini-wheats and I had my kashi.  She actually drank some of the milk from her bowl today before she even had a bite of cereal.  I am not sure who she saw do that, but there must have been someone.  She does like to drink soup out of a bowl sometimes and I think her daddy taught her that.  I taught her to use a straw when she does it at restaurants, so I guess I get a little credit for that too.  After that, we played a little and then got dressed to go to the playground.  She did a lot of climbing today, being the little monkey she is.  She swung on the swings too and almost got clobbered by a big kid swinging.  She doesn't always watch where she is going -- imagine that!  This morning she was wanting to eat her spaghetti out on the balcony, so we were headed out the door and she tripped over the bump on the way out.  She scraped her knee and also landed on her hands, but she wasn't sure whether or not she should cry or not.  So she just stood there looking at me.  She ended up in my arms, smothered in kisses.  They always make everything better.  :) 

After the playground, we went to lunch at Fridays and shared the Bruschetta Chicken Pasta which we both love.  She sat beside me in a chair - no high chair or booster seat.  And, she only got up ONCE during the entire meal!!!  She is getting so big.  I just can't believe how fast kids grow up.  Next thing you know, she won't even want to go to a restaurant with me...LOL.  So, since she was a good girl, she got to choose between going to the aquarium and playing in the water in front of the aquarium.  Guess what she chose.................................the water, of course.  She loves playing in it.  She wanted me to go in with her, so I did.  She was all smiles.  It is so amazing at how the littlest things can bring so much joy. 

When she started sucking her thumb, I decided to pack up and stroll back up to the condo.  I was wanting to take a nap and she needed one, so we both laid down in the bed.  She kept talking and saying stuff like, "Let me do it first".  I assume she was talking about going to sleep, so I would open my eyes and say, "Okay.  You do it first." And, she would close her eyes.  Then I would.  Two seconds later she was saying something else.  It really was cute so it was hard for me when I finallly had to put her in her bed so we could get some rest.  But before that happened, I kissed her head over and over.  I kissed her arms.  She would snuggle up to me so sweet, acting like she was going to go to sleep only to snap me out of my sleep a few seconds later with a few words.  Like I said, it was very hard for me to make her leave the bed, but I had to do it or else she would've kept at it for the next 20 minutes. 

She really is so adorable.  The people at lunch sitting at the table across from us were getting a giggle watching her eat.  She kept dropping noodles and they were on her chin....can you say MESSY FACE?  She would try to pick them up and eat the table too they noticed.  LOL  I think I actually her them mention that specifically.  They told me she had the cuteness of at least 10 kids so I don't think they were too offended by it.  :)

After her nap, I was getting ready to go to work.  "Don't go workout Mommy," she said.  Over and over again.  I had to go though.  But, I brought her home a cheeseburger (which she wanted to pick the cheese off of - and not so she could eat it) for dinner so she was all good.  She also wanted to eat some of my chili and salad so of course I shared with her.  It seems like she wants to be just like me.  I just hope that I can live up to everything I want to be for her.  And then some.

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