Sunday, May 18, 2008

"I growin' up"

Spoken by the voice of a two year old.

Summer has been learning a lot lately.  She knows her whole name now.  She is singing lots of songs too.  It is so cute to hear her.  Sometimes she wants me to sing with her, sometimes not.  She definitely lets me know though...LOL.  Some of her favorite songs are "Row, row, row your boat", "The Wheels on the Bus", and "Did you ever see a lassie?"  She likes to do "Ring around the rosies" too.  We did that yesterday in the pool and she didn't want to stop, but I was getting dizzy.  :)  She started Playgym again this month and we sing songs in there and that is where she learned "Ring around the rosies."  I really like going there and so does she.  It gives her a chance to interact with other two year olds, although I think she would prefer to play with me.  LOL  She also gets to be creative and do an art project which gives me a lot of keepsakes to cherish.  I try to let her do her own thing on the art, but it is sometimes hard for me to step back and just let her do it her way.  I am working on that.  It is after all, her art project, not mine. 

I gotta run, but I'll try to get birthday pics up later.

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