Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She's SOOOO big!

Summer loves it when we say, "How big is Summer?  Sooo big!!!"  It is one of the things they do at the playgym, but I think we were actually doing it before we started going there.  She is walking everywhere and saying more and more words every day.  She actually started saying "Momma" last week before my Pepaw's funeral.  We were doing the last viewing and she was squirmy so I put her down.  That's when it happened....FINALLY!!!  She has said it every day since then, so it wasn't a fluke.  And, I LOVE IT!  She also says "bite" and "cat" which I am not sure if I ever mentioned.  She will say random people's names when she hears them which drove me crazy when she wasn't saying "Momma."  It is actually more like "Momma Momma Momma" when she says it...music to my ears.

She is such a swimmer too.  She LOVES the pool which is good and bad.  At the rate she is going now, she will be swimming by the end of the summer.  We go to Florida in less than two weeks, so I am anxious to see if she will still dislike the sand like she did in March.  She is getting a little tan despite all the sunscreen I put on her.  Her hair looks like it has been highlighted about 4 different shades of blond.  I must say she gets more adorable every day.

She loves to clap for herself...LOVES IT.  She will do something and start clapping and then look around to make sure everyone else is going to clap too.  She likes the clapping.  A lot.

I was going to add some pics, but it is not working right now....

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