Friday, June 1, 2007

She's Everywhere!!!

Summer is all over the place now that she can walk....and so is EVERYTHING else.  She drags things from one side of the house/condo to the other.  It is amazing how quickly she can make a mess.  I didn't realize what a big difference her walking would make.  She is very mobile now, and I can't remember the last time I saw her crawling.  It almost makes me cry not being able to, but life goes on.

This morning she broke a glass.  I was on the couch watching Curious George and she was roaming around.  Then I heard a glass shatter.  Clint said he had just seen her with the glass in her hand and was on his way to get it from her.  I guess he got to her a little too late.  So, he picked her up and held her while I swept up the glass.  When I got her, there was a little blood on her hand, but it was not bleeding.  I am not sure how it got cut, but it was not bad at all.  I gotta run, but I wanted to share the following videos with you.  I will try to get caught up soon since these were taken mid-May and I have many, many more.  But, in the mean time enjoy these.

In this video I think she says Aunt Deborah, but I could just be reading it into it.  What do you think?

In this video, taken on May 15, she is walking on the back porch.  These are some of her first steps.  Enjoy!


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vssunnyad said...

Sounds like “Aunt Deborah” to me!! Yay Summer!
And she is walking very well!!