Sunday, June 24, 2007

She likes the pool!

Summer really likes swimming!  We have been at my mom's pool and my Aunt's pool a few times this summer and she really likes to get in.  Sometimes she wears a swimsuit with floats built in and sometimes we just put her in/on her own float.  Yesterday, I let her get on my float with me and she really had a good time.  She fell off a few times, but did not get scared once I don't think. 

Clint got in the pool to play with us.  We were letting Summer "swim" back and forth to us.  She loved it!!! She would giggle and smile and clap.  Then my mom got in and we were all passing her around.  Sometimes she swam (with a big push of course) and sometimes we threw her out of the water.  She went under about 3 or 4 times I think.  Although she was a little startled by the water, she did not make any big fuss about going under. 

This morning I got up and read about teaching babies/kids to swim so I have a few new things to try out today.  It is so much fun teaching her new things and watching her grow.  Everyone is saying that they think she is getting taller, but I have not measured her yet.  I did get a thing to hang on the wall where we can measure her as she grows.  I will have to work on getting Clint to hang it  (wish me luck!!!).  I'm sure I could do it, but I really like seeing him be a part of raising Summer so I don't want to hog all of the duties...LOL

She really loves us both I think.  When I put her down for her nap this morning, I sang "Go To Sleepy Little Baby" or whatever it is called.  Actually, I hummed most of it.  Summer started humming with me.  It was SOOOOO SWEET!  What is more precious than a little girl laying over your shoulder holding her bear and humming "Go To Sleepy..." with Momma?  Nothing.  That's one of those priceless moments that you hope you never forget...or lose.  Of course, there are many of those moments....

Summer was the only person at Playgym last week which was not as bad as you would imagine.  We still sang the songs, rode the train, rode the see-saw, painted a picture, played with stuffed bees, made music, blew bubbles, and rode on the parachute pretty much as usual.  I had a good time playing with her, but I did miss the other kids.  Summer had full rein of the room which she crossed many times.  She found my purse once which took her off task, but we were able to distract her rather easily and get her back to the organized fun they plan for you.  Have I ever mentioned she loves my purse?  LOVES IT.  Well, she is up so I guess we are going to leave.  I will have to finish my story later.

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