Sunday, June 10, 2007

New teeth & a birthday party

Summer has two new teeth that I know of.  It is very possible that there are more, but she will not let me investigate for too long.  She also bites me when I feel her gums.  It was cute when she just had two teeth, but now she has 6 teeth.  I know they will probably be popping out left and right over the next few months.  I have to make sure to write them all in her baby book as I notice them.  Wish me luck!

Liliana's 1st birthday party was this afternoon.  It was a lot of fun.  They had a swimming pool and slide set up for the babies which was fenced inThey all had a pretty good time in it.  When got all 5 babies in at the same time, it was very interesting to say the least.  They also had a double slip-n-slide set up and an inflatable slide with a pool at the bottom (which was Summer's favorite of the day--she did NOT like the slip-n-slide).  She slid down the inflatable slide at least 10 times and would play in the water until other kids came over and she had to let them have a turn.  She did pretty good taking turns.  She is still too little to climb up the steps on the little slide right least she did not/would not do it today.  I got soaking wet carrying her around from one side of the yard to the other.  It was a lot of fun and we were all exhausted when we got home a little while ago. 

We will probably go to bed early tonight since we have been child free for the past two nights which means we have been staying up way too late....

I was up early this morning anticipating Summer's arrival.  She got here about 8:30 and was very clingy.  She leaned on me and I loved her and tried to soak it all in while she is still so precious and innocent.  I hope she will always be this way, but I realize she will change immensely as she ages and grows over the next 17 years.  I hope they are happy years for us all. 

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vssunnyad said...

She is too cute in the water!