Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wiggle wiggle

We have had another great week.  Sunday we headed to Partyville after church with the other elementary kids.  We were lucky to have gone that day because the next day it closed its doors for good.  She had a great time playing with the other kids and was surprisingly not a cling on.  It was great to see her having so much fun with the kids her age and not needing me to follow her around the place.  After she had played herself out, we headed home and jumped in the pool to cool off.  She had a blast chasing me around the pool.  We have actually been in it every day this week so I am happy I decided to put it up.  I almost just left it in the garage for the summer, but one day it was hot and we needed a nice place to cool off so we worked together and got it up and running.  Yay for a nice clean alternative to the lake!!  We neither one have been in it this year (at least in our slough).  There is just too much stuff growing from the bottom for our taste and the water does not look sparkling clean so it's not very inviting to us.  We did finally get our boat fixed that day, but she does not have any desire to go out on it.  Darn nose diver! 

On Monday we stayed home all day which was great plan in her book.  She started playing the Disney
Enchanted Princess game on the Wii that morning and decided that we were going to play it until we conquered it.  So, we teamed up and got it done.  I operated the nunchuck and she operated the other Wii remote.  Together, after hours and hours of work, we beat all the chapters and unlocked Belle's Bonus chapter which she thought was never going to happen.  She was very excited about this but scared to cut the Wii off.  When we finally did she was worried all her work would not be saved.  We cut it back on and to her surprise it still was there.  Another reason to shout hooray! 

Yesterday, we had a playdate with our friends Alicia, Laila and Liliana.  We met up with them at the pool at Southern College and the girls swam around like fish.  My friend got called into work while we were there so our play date got cut short much to the girls dismay.  They were definitely not ready to be done playing with each other when we went our separate ways.  But, that's the way life happens sometimes.  We were going to have a picnic lunch, but since our friends couldn't join us anymore Summer decided she wanted to eat at Olive Garden.  It's been a few months since we have went there so I was happy to oblige.  She gobbled up all the extra black olives the lady brought her and as many tomatoes drenched in their yummy dressing as she could.  She even ate some of the salad which she doesn't usally do there, but their dressing was extra tasty to her I guess.  The only place she usually eats salad is Sekesui or Ichiban with their oriental dressings. 

When we got home, we saw that her tooth fairy pillow had been delivered.  It was a sewing kit that had precut holes for young sewers like herself.  She went right to work getting it put together.  She sewed all of it but the last few stitches that had to be done after she stuffed it.  Then she had me place the face on the outside after she applied the glue to the pieces.  I guess she wanted to make sure it looked right and did not trust herself to do it right.  I didn't question her ways, but instead I just went with what she wanted to do.  She has a tooth on the bottom that is getting very loose. This will be her first tooth to lose, and she cannot wait! Now we just have to wait for the tooth to come out so we can put the pillow to use. She's been wiggling and wiggling it, but it's still holding on. I think it will surely come out in the next week or so. Of course, only time will tell.  She did ask me yesterday if I thought the tooth fairy was a real person or a just a parent, and I said I was leaning towards it being real.  She said she thought so too.  No need to burst that bubble now I don't think.  Sometimes it is cool to believe in fairytales although as you get older you realize it was all just a myth.  The divorce is already doing a number on her without adding any more stress or disbelief to her life right now.  So, I'm just going to go with the flow as much as I can right now.

Today we met up with her cousins at the zoo.  We thought we were going to get to see the new exhibits, but they were not finished.  Looks like they are running way behind schedule.  We did have a good time seeing all the animals again though.  Summer hijacked my camera and took lots of pictures.  I can't wait to see what all she got pictures of.  Afterwards, we stopped by the carousel and they rode it over and over and over again.  I'm glad I went for the family plus membership because it has already paid for itself in the rides they took today alone.  We had a nice picnic outside the zoo before heading to the Warner Park pool.  It was very refreshing and we got some good exercise playing there.  Summer chose not to do the obstacle course today, but she did try to touch the bottom in the deep end on her own numerous times.  I don't think she was successful, but she was very independent which is a change for her.  When she is around her cousin Jonathan, she is defnitely not all about mommy.  They turn into two silly willies and giggle and have lots of fun.  So, I'm guessing she will be preoccupied with him for the next day.  Guess that means I've got plenty of time to get some housework done.  Now to get off here and get to it!

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