Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer's almost over

Last week, I surprised Summer with a trip to Splash in Panama City, Florida.  She was super excited when she found out her friend Willow and her family were going too.  The last time we went there was 3 years ago when she was going through her chemotherapy treatments.  Needless to say, this trip was much different.  Her favorite places to be this trip were the lazy river and the pool with a deep end.  She's become such a great swimmer.  One day, we found a red die on one of our treasure hunt walks.  We kept it, and she ended up spending lots of time diving after it in the pool.  She liked to go look for shells with me, but she was not one to pick a lot up.  She's more of a pointer outer.  We had a few mom and daughter trips down the beach.  We usually didn't go too far, but we found lots of treasures and enjoyed the feeling of our feet sinking in the sand.  Summer was not a big fan of the ocean the first two days when the water was as calm as a swimming pool and shallow for a long way out.  The last day when the waves were a little more active, she had fun jumping them.  I think she told me that was her favorite part of the whole trip. Playing with Willow and Harper was also lots of fun, and they put on several shows for us.  We had quite a bit of rain so we were lucky to have a room big enough to where we could all spread out when we had to be indoors.  There were even bunk beds which the girls took turns sleeping on top and bottom.  Summer had the top bunk the first night and woke up the next morning saying it was the most comfortable bed ever.  I was happy to see she slept so well in it when I thought she might try to sneak into my bed at some point in the night.

Everyday, there was an activity the kids could do at the resort.  One day they tie dyed shirts, and another day they colored a backpack.  They made shark tooth necklaces.  I've yet to see Summer's since we've been home, but I haven't fully unpacked yet either.  They really enjoyed them all, along with souvenir hunting.  On our last trip to the store, Summer ended up with a pink butterfly on a green rod.  They gave her an extra rod just in case that one broke which ended up working perfectly for one of the treasures she found on the beach earlier - a flower windwheel.  Oh yeah!  They played with those for quite a while during one of the rainy spells we had.  The first time we went shopping, she got a magnetic pen that says I Love You and has a pink cat on it.  She had lots of fun testing out all the things that it would and would not stick to around the condo unit.

Summer discovered a new Barbie movie - Fairy Secret - while we were on the trip.  It was her favorite of the one's her friend Willow brought.  So much that yesterday when we were spending her birthday gift certificate at Target, she picked it out and three cans of silly string too.  Of course, when we got to the car, she was having buyers remorse and wishing she would've gotten the princess game I had showed her.  She knew I had bought two that I was going to give to her friends.  Well, one was really for her for Christmas, but I didn't want to tell her that.  We had a little talk and agreed to trade them out so she could go ahead and get the game.  In order to get the Barbie movie, she would do some chores to earn it.  She suggested making the bed and folding clothes.  I added cleaning her room and the playroom.  We had a deal!  When we got home, we immediately had to play it a few times.  :)  The first time we tied.  The next, she won.  It turned out to be a rather fun game, and I think we completely scored by getting it!  She even got her Paw-Paw to play with her this morning.

A bulk of our day has been spent cashing in on the chores she promised to do in exchange for the movie.  We spent hours going through the playroom and her bedroom to see what she wants to keep when we move.  We got it pretty organized and she was a real trooper during the process.  She did take a break to paint a picture with one of her many craft kids.  She also helped me fold the laundry.  She did her clothes while I folded mine.  When I started to wash some dishes, she offered to help.  She took over after I finished the glasses.  I offered to rinse them for her, but she wanted to do it all herself.

The evening has been spent watching the Barbie movie although she still owes me one more day worth of chores.  After two runs through the movie, some leftover Chinese food, and chocolate chip cookies, we are about to be on our bedtime countdown.  Next up, bedtime craft.  We're making a magnetic fishing pole and fish.  Good times!!!


Susie said...

Sounds like a fun trip for mom and daughter time!! Good to see that you are making great memories with her!!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Sounds like a lot of fabulous memories...