Monday, August 20, 2012

Our last week of freedom

The week before school starts has come and gone.  We started back to our school routine of an 8:00  bedtime which was not always sucessful, but we did manage to do it a few times.  A lot of those days were spent watching Barbie A Fairy Secret and playing games at home.  Some days we watched it twice!  She has a few favorite parts that she rewinds or mimics.  It's cute!  We went swimming. We had a play date at the malls with some friends.   Summer had a great time playing on the playground there although technically she is too big to play on it.  We also did a little shopping.  She was excited to get some light up flip flops with butterflies on them.  We both got some new sunglasses since the guy was closing up shop and had them all marked down to $5.   She looks totally adorable in the pair she got.  I hope I do too.  LOL

Saturday, Summer decided she wanted to stay home all day so we had a pajama day.  We watched Barney Best Manners and also her  new favorite Barbie movie yet again.  I had picked a movie that was too sad the previous evening -My Dog Skip- so I didn't get any say in the movie selection.  She did not like some parts because there was bullying and therefore it was a "scary" movie.  The dog also dies so that was not good in her book either.  So much for the movie I thought would be great because it had a dog in it.  I guess I need to read the full storyline next time.  After we were movied out, we had a bubble bath and wardrobe change.  Lots of bubbles!  Clean pajamas! Not too long after that, she decided a bike ride sounded good so I had another wardrobe change before we headed out on our bikes.  (I really don't think my neighbors would've appreciated me parading my pjs up and down the street.)  She is doing really good at getting out of the driveway which used to be scary for her because of the height difference between the street and the driveway.  Poor Trixie was leashed to her bike and therefore ran along beside her as she rode down the street and back.  It actually worked better than I thought it would when I realized what her intentions were.  Trixie did not seem to mind.  Score!  Afterwards, we spent some time on the playground in the yard.  It's been too hot to do much I it this summer, but now that the weather is cooling off a bit she might use it a little more.  It sure would be nice to have Lexie over to play with her on it sometimes, but I doubt that will happen any time soon.

Sunday we cashed one of her library program coupons/rewards at Lake Winnie.  The weather was perfect and Summer and I were both in good spirits so it was a lot of fun for us both.  One of her favorite rides was the Sea Warrior which is a spinning, spinning, up and down type ride.  I was worried I would get sick, but the motion sickness medicine did it's job.  She also loved the Tilt-a-whirl and the Scrambler.  She was not big enough for the big roller coaster, but the Wacky Worm was good enough for her.  We probably rode it five times and every time she made us keep our hands up the entire time.  I was happily surprised when she wanted to ride the carousel since the year before she definitely thought it was too slow for her to even get on.  We rode and rode and rode until we were both worn out and back at the front entrance.  We gave the Sea Warrior one lost whirl and headed home.  She was asleep before we got there.  After showers, I tried to get her back I her bed and out of mine.  I lay with her for a while and even left the room with her in her bed, but it did not last very long.  She came out and I ended up just letting her sleep with me again.  I guess this is one battle I'm not up for fighting right now.  She is going through so much with this divorce that I just can't justify doing it now with school also starting and that not being too exciting for her either.  Maybe I'll give her a few weeks to get settled into that before I try again.  We shall see.

Today was our last official day off, but we were at the school most of the morning anyway getting registered and stuff.  We found out who her teacher was and were happy to see who her fellow classmates will be this year.  We even went to lunch with one of them after we left.  Now we are resting on the couch and nursing her carpet burned knee.  I really hope she wakes up tomorrow and it is not still hurting.  That would not be the best start to the 1st day of school.  I'm pretty sure we will both be out by 8:00 tonight.  I hope so anyway because school starts tomorrow!  First grade here she comes!!!


Susie said...

I'm sure you will miss her tomorrow with her starting school!! At least you have been spending lots of time with he before then!! Sorry to hear Lexie hasn't been around!! It must be hard on you.

Susie said...
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