Thursday, July 19, 2012

The funness of my little girl

Yesterday after art camp, Summer and I went to our favorite sushi place for lunch - Sekesui.  She loves their soup, salad and teriyaki chicken.  My favorite are the Red Dragon rolls.  After getting our bellies mostly full, we headed to Cold Stone Creamery where Summer got cake batter ice cream in a sugar cone.  I really didn't want to get the cone because she never eats it, but I thought maybe there was a chance she would this time.  Nope.  She actually asked me pretty please to go get her a spoon so she could spoon the ice cream out of the cone.  lol  We walked to the playground afterwards, but after about fifteen minutes we left.  It was just too hot outside.  So we went ahead to the dentist even though we were an hour and a half early.  At least it was air conditioned!!!  They took her early and she got a great report.  No cavities!  We also learned that her insurance was going to pay for the dentist so that was a blessing. 

We headed a birthday party at Pump It Up after that.  After watching the rules of the place, Summer was too nervous to play.  She was so scared that she was going to break a rule that she did not even want to play even though she has been there many times before.  Darn video!!!  :(  I was pretty disappointed in the effect the rule video had on her, and I could not convince her that she would be fine and not break any rules.  Her friends came over the the bench where she was sitting and tried talking to her to see what was wrong, but they could not tempt her from the bench.  After they all left her, I went over to try to talk her into playing, but it was not easy.  I did get her to go down the slide once, but that was the extent of her playing on the inflatibles.  She did cheer on her friends Giada and Annie as they played air hockey.  They were having so much fun that she never got a turn.  It was good to see her finally smiling and having fun after being too intimidated to play.  What a bummer!  When the party moved to the birthday room, she was all smiles and acting silly with her friends.  She ate her piece of cheese pizza up and then licked the icing off of her cupcake.  The end of the party was definitely better than the beginning!

When we got home, we continued our Barney movie marathon which started the night before.  After going through and organizing our movies, she decided we would watch all the Barney movies.  I know we've got at least twenty of them so it might take a while.  The first night we watched two Barney Christmas movies.  Last night, we watched Can You Sing that Song?  Today we have watched two more.  The marathon goes on......

We are at the end of the summer reading program at the library.  When I turned in her sheet at the library Monday, she had read 75 books so far (at least that's how many we have written down).  Some of those we read twice, but each book is only counted once.  Our goal is 100 books, but I don't think we will make it before Saturday which is the final deadline.  I was really just wanting to read 100 by the time school started so I'm pretty sure we will make that.  I have read most of the books to her, but she reads the level 1 books to me.  I will probably go and update the total at the library tomorrow while she is at camp.   Not that it really makes a difference, but I want to return some of the books so I don't have to make a special trip downtown on Monday so I might as well add on the books we read this week.  Well, I must get off for our bedtime craft.  We are making a model lung in a plastic bottle.  Good times!!!

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Susie said...

Glad to see all the fun she is having with you!!