Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A week off

This week is going to be a pretty laid back week for us.  No camps, no big plans.  It's finally time to relax and take it easy!  Summer is happy about that as she enjoys days that we stay home all day and she does not have to leave the house.  Sometimes I wonder if it is because when she was younger we did so much running around doing this, that and everything we could.  But, maybe it's just because home is such a fun place to be. 

Yesterday, she spent a lot of time playing with her Paw-Paw.  She loves to do that!  Some mornings she will watch the clock and is so happy when it is finally 9:00 a.m. so she can go to his house and see if he is up.  I had to set a time because otherwise she would be over there at 7:00 waking him up.  It is so cool to hear them playing in the house as she is usually laughing and just having a great time with him.  He really gets on her level and does whatever she wants.  I feel so blessed to be able to have him as a next door neighbor which is something I never really thought would've happened when I was growing up.  So yesterday, after spending the first part of the morning on the couch with me watching a Shrek movie on her iPod, she went to see if he was ready to play.  They hula hooped and played and laughed and had a great time.  She was very happy to not have to go to the grocery store with me because that would've meant she would have had to leave the house.  Oh no!!!  lol  I think she wore him out because while she and I were eating fish sticks and home grown tomatoes (she dipped both of hers in vinegar, of course!) for lunch, he fell asleep on the couch. 

After he went home, it was my turn to play.  We made a butterfly kite into a dress up accessory.  We played Chuck E Cheese on the Wii.  We were trying to figure out how to change the level on the game since it always says we are at level 1.  We got the manual out and could not figure out how to change the level.  It seems we just need to play the game more.  While we were looking through the manual we discovered that we are missing a few of the games that are supposed to be on there - namely the ticket blaster.  We never could figure out how to get it to show up.  She was totally bummed about this.   But, maybe one day it will magically appear.  I hope so for her sake.  Maybe we'll just take a trip to Chuck E Cheese and somehow bribe them to let her get in the ticket blaster.  She has always wanted to do that, but I just don't like having birthday parties there and I think that's the only time they let people in there.  I'd rather it be just me and her so we can play to our heart's content, cash our tickets in and leave.  

We were expecting some friends over yesterday evening and while we were waiting on them to arrive, Summer wanted to play her Cat in the Hat I Can Do That game.  We had a good time playing it although I had to crawl around the house on several of my turns and my knees did not really like that.  She laughed and laughed during the game which made it all worth while though.  When her friend Abby showed up, they were off to play together and the game was forgotten about.  I can't say I'm sad about that because we had already been through the cards more than once.  They played and played until Abby's parents were ready to go.  I think the girls could've played longer, but it was getting late and they had to go.  On their way out, Summer showed them her new turtle that a friend found for her yesterday.  I am really hoping we will let it go soon as it does not seem to like it's cage and tried and tried to escape as we were getting ready for bed last night.  Maybe we'll do what we did with our last turtle and let him out for some fresh air and then forget about him until it is too late and he has wondered off.  Oh darn! 

Well, I am looking forward to seeing what she wants to do when she gets up.  Until then, I think I will lay on the couch and rest.  I got up early due to being unable to fall back asleep with some unfinished business on my mind.  Now that it is all taken care of, I can relax. 

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