Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Camp

I was really looking forward to Summer going to art camp up until the day rolled around. Then, I was a little nervous, as was she. But, so far, so good. We have not had any major withdrawals on our parts. She left Teddy at home yesterday. I did not take him when I picked her up either and she had to endure lunch without him. Or, is it a her? She did not miss him too much, but she did notice that he was not with me when she came out of the classroom. Today I let her put him in her bag rather than me have to carry it back to the car with me. In return, she promised to leave him in the bag the whole time until I picked her up. (That was a win-win!!)

When we left camp, we took a nice stroll through the art district. She wanted to go to the sculpture garden first, but it was hot and I convinced her to go eat first so we could cool down with some ice cold water. Her favorite! We enjoyed a nice lunch of pasta and salad. No one ate the bread but me. I couldn't resist. Summer did not like the lasagna at Tony's Pasta, but that was okay because that was what I ordered. She had some kind of noodles with marinara sauce. Then we mixed in some Alfredo to make it pink and yummy. She topped it off with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Then, we were off to see the sculptures. She led her daddy and myself to her favorite spot. She had us look off at the view. Then she led us through the rest of the garden. Her daddy and I hid from her once behind some columns since she was on a mission and leaving us in the dust. When she turned and looked for us, she was surprised not to see us. We quickly exposed ourselves and she smiled. On the way home, she got her daddy to carry her on his shoulders. I was the pack mule for everything else (my purse, Summer's camp bag, the Togo food, Clint's shirt and tea), but what's new? I was made for it!

Yesterday at camp, they made some cups out of clay. She told me she made a smaller one for Lexie and a bigger one for herself. I thought that was sweet. She usually does remember to get something for Lexie when we are at her doctor appointments too. Stickers and suckers are the usual treat and we've had our fair share of stops at the jars that hold them. I am not sure what all else they did at camp, but I think their artwork will be displayed on Friday after camp is over. I can't wait! Today they are working on self-portraits and looking at photographs in the the museum. Summer said she was not excited about that second part, but we will see what she thinks when I pick her up.

Which brings me to more exciting news. Summer is going to get to be in Chattanooga's Health Scope magazine as the model in the picture of the new CT scanner at our children's hospital. We go today after she gets out of camp. I am way more excited than she is. That is mostly due to what she is going to wear, but I hope she will just suck it up and put on the clothes and smile for the camera. We will see. She really does not like the shorts, which are super adorable and got lots of compliments when she wore them to her last MRI. Maybe the skirt she wore to camp today will work, but it is definitely not as cute as the shorts. I am anticipating a possible nap in her future should she give me a hard time and have a breakdown. I've promised her lunch anywhere she wants in return for her cooperation which means no whining or pouting. She also wanted to be able to pick a dessert place. LOL I told her she'd have to be perfect to get that. It could go either way, but I will be surprised if she manages that. In life anything is possible and as Justin Bieber's song goes: Never Say Never!

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BARB said...

That child would light up anybody's life. she is blessed to have parents who love her so much. She is adorable. My six are all grown up now with children of their own. But there is still grandchildren. :)
Have an awesome day. I invite you to stop by my blog sometime.