Sunday, June 12, 2011

A fish in the water

Summer is a little fish in the water. She's been in the pool quite a bit since coming home from Florida. Last weekend, and this past weekend, she spent a few days at her Memaw's. We got her a pair of goggles just for her house so that she will have them whenever she is there. She still does not want to go under water without them, but I guess that is because she likes to open her eyes and it hurts without the goggles. We also got into the pool in our yard a few times during the week. Today we went over to my aunt Sandra's and hung out with my dad's family. It was nice and Summer showed off her swimming skills. They were all impressed with her not having to wear floaties or anything this year. I was a proud Momma for sure!!!

She got to spend a night this weekend and last with her cousins. As usual, she had a great time with them. I'm sure they will have a few more sleepovers before the summer is over. Memaw and PawPaw have already hosted one each so now it is my turn I guess. She actually told me today that she was going to need a nap because Faith and Jonathan wouldn't stop talking all night. Then she said when she woke up she and Faith were both sideways and Faith had all the covers. Love these childhood memories she's making!!! True to her word, she fell asleep in my lap during church and had to be woken up after the last song was sung. That was the only nap today so she did not put up a fuss to stay up when I put her to bed tonight around 8:30. After she and Lexie both had their books read to them, they snuggled up in their beds, smiling as I kissed them goodnight. I tell you those are priceless moments. Of course, the nights when I sing to them are even better. They just love to hear me sing to them sometimes. Summer's favorite goes like this:

Go to sleepy, go to sleepy, go to sleepy little baby.
Momma loves you, Momma loves you, Momma loves her pretty baby.
Go to sleep pretty babe, Momma loves you so much.
Go to sleep pretty babe, Momma loves you so much.

Other favorites are "You Are My Sunshine," "You Are So Beautiful," and "I Love You, You Love Me." Good thing they don't mind if they are slightly out of tune!

We also made some memories at the zoo last week. The girls both love to go there and see all the animals. The goats were a little frisky this visit so we will see if they want to go back in and pet them again next time. Summer really wishes they would get some meerkats and I would love to see a zebra there, but I guess we don't have enough pull to get the zoo to get them. LOL The zoo has a dinosaur exhibit right now that Summer thought was pretty cool. For a minute, she thought the dinosaurs were real because they were robotic with moving heads and eyes. Some of their mouths even opened and closed. We were surprised to see that the triceratops did not have any visible teeth with their mouths open wide. Guess it's a good thing they have those horns! She enjoys both Dinosaur Train and Dino Dan cartoons so I'm sure it was cool for her to have a close up look at some dinosaurs on a life size scale. We did not get to reach out and touch them though, but I'm not sure she would've wanted to anyway. The exhibit was refreshingly cool on a hot day, but that did not stop the girls from needing something to cool them down on the way out. Lucky for them, there was ice cream in the gift shop. Summer chose on ice cream sandwich while Lexie chose a banana popsicle. They were all smiles on the way to the car which is always good.

Of course, the week was not all smiles. They both had their share of moments in the corner, but that's just part of them learning boundaries and what is and is not acceptable behavior wise. But, I'm sure this is going to be an exciting summer for us. Summer has decided art camp sounds fun so she is going to one at the Hunter Art Museum next week. She's also decided to take the summer off from gymnastics. Maybe we will start back in the fall after she is adjusted to school. I can't say I'm ready for that. Kindergarten scares the crap out of me!! But, I'm sure we will both be fine.


Susie said...

Good to see that she is doing better at swimming and having fun at it!!

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