Friday, June 3, 2011

Another present

The day after we got home, PawPaw surprised Summer with a birthday present. He had missed her birthday party due to work and was also not with us on vacation on her actual birthday. So when we returned from vacation, he got her a pool for the backyard which she loves. Once we started filling it up, she and Lexie were both ready to get in. After we got the wrinkles out of the bottom, we let them in the cold water. Summer didn't care one bit that it was freezing cold, but Lexie wasn't as enthusiastic. She did still manage to hang out in there for a little bit before getting out and heading off to her nap. Summer was in and out of it all day whenever she could get me or my dad to watch and/or swim with her. Yesterday she enjoyed it too. She got in twice - once with her daddy and once with me. After the last time, she was still wanting to play in water so she asked for a bath. She wanted me to take one with her, but my hands were to wrinkly so I opted out. She settled for a bubble bath and played happily for a while. She washed and conditioned her hair herself, but I did dispense them for her. After she was finished, she asked me to put on her pj's for her. Usually she does this herself, but I was happy to help since she doesn't need me as much as she used to anymore. That's just part of growing up though. She brushed her hair all by herself and was happy to report that the conditioner did its job and made her hair soft and not too tangly. We have just recently started using a brush on her hair and I must admit my buddy was right about it being better than a comb. :)

Today she had an MRI on her brain to make sure there is no cancer hanging out in there. We should get the results of it Monday afternoon. I'm not worried though since she shows no signs of having any problems. On Tuesday, she will have a CT scan to check out her chest and abdomen. She will get to use the new scanner they have at children's hospital so I am excited about that because it means she will be exposed to less radiation (I think). Monday she has a dentist appointment so it has been like overkill on the doctor visits coming back from vacation, but that's just part of it. We've got fun to look forward to tomorrow when Summer will go to Camp Lookout with the kids from church. Can't wait to see what she thinks of that!

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