Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lazy morning

It was a nice morning for a stroll down the beach. The shell bug bit me and I gathered up more than I need I'm sure. Yesterday, the girls and I went to Michaels to get some frames for the caricature of Summer and the can art we bought at the pier. The frames we got will be perfect for gluing on shells from our vacation. So, I've been trying to collect plenty so we will have a nice variety to choose from. When I got back from my walk, the girls were up as usual. Summer was curled up on her daddy's lap watching something on the history channel. With me here to take over caring for the girls, he headed out for his morning run. Shortly after Summer remembered the stepping stone craft kits we bought yesterday and was ready to do hers. She and Lexie both were very excited to get started on their own one. Summer's stone has a puppy dog theme and came with rocks and a few stamps to use. Lexie's has a moon and star theme. We ended up putting their hand prints and names on them and they both added a few shells for good measure. It was a lot of fun for us and I am glad we got them. I'm especially glad that they were on sale too. I love a good deal!

I think Lexie and I are off to the beach until lunch. Looks like Summer is going to do another painting project with one of her birthday craft kits. She never seems to get enough of creating and has even been sharing some of her work with the chemo patient we are angeling. So far she has sent 3 of her creations off - a paperoni fish, a sparkling painted rainbow and a beautifully colored picture of a few flamingos. So glad she is learning to share the wealth! :)

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Susie said...

Summer is such a sweet little girl!!