Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big sister, big brother

Summer's older siblings came to visit us at the beach house over the weekend. The girls had fun coloring with Amanda on several occasions. She wrote their names in big block letters and they colored them in. We've got several new pieces of art thanks to their efforts this weekend.

We ended up eating at Frency's Rockaway Grill for Amanda's birthday just as we did for Summer's last week. Clint and I both ordered the same thing that we did the week before. Crazy coincidences!! After filling our bellies, we headed to Pier 60 to enjoy the evening's festivities. Summer and I fell in love with a piece of can art that was being created. It was a beach scene with all the colors of the rainbow in the sky similar to the sunsets we have seen while here. Another coincidence so we bought it. While it was drying, Summer wanted to go out on the pier and pick something out for Amanda for her 21st birthday. She picked out a pretty belly ring with bright blue crystals and a palm tree. It was very cute, but Amanda lost it before she even got it out of the packaging. It did make it home because I saw it on the counter top one day, but when Amanda started looking for it, it was no where to be found. Needless to say, Amanda was disappointed. I'm not going to tell Summer. ;)

On Friday, we took a flat bottom boat ride around the bay. We were all excited to see the dolphins when we finally found where they were swimming. Summer and Lexie were not as quick to spy them when they surfaced to breathe, but they did get to see a few. The boat stopped on an island, or sand bar, and we got out and explored it for shells. Josh and I snorkeled while Lexie waded into the water with her floats on. Josh found a few sea urchins which were really cool for us to look at. Summer observed from the shore and was not excited to get in the water at all. So, she didn't. After our time was up, the captain took us around to all the celebrity homes including houses owned by Hulk Hogan and Jeff Gordon. He pointed out the Scientology headquarters which was a building that you pass on the way into Clearwater. I had been wondering about it because it has a pretty cross on it that makes it stand out.

We finally put our bikes to use over the weekend. Clint, Summer, Lexie and I all went on a nice bike ride around the neighborhood. It is perfect for Summer because it is a flat and mostly even surface for her to ride on. The only time she lost control was when one of her training wheels came off, but she caught herself with her foot and did not end up with any boo boos from the incidence. Yesterday, when it was just the girls and I riding, she found some puddles left over from the afternoon rain. She loved riding through them and would've done it longer if I would've let her. But, the street started getting busy so we headed back to the house for some snuggle time in front of the TV.

We've made lots of great memories on this vacation so far. I don't think I will ever be ready for it to end. I'm already trying to figure out how I can extend it another week. We have a few free days before more company comes. I am sure they will fly by because time usually does, especially when you are having fun.

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