Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Attack of the birds and ants

The vacation continues and we are having a great time despite the fact that we are dealing with a few cases of strep throat. Looks like we will be taking Summer to the doctor this afternoon to get her prescription if we can't get her pediatrician back home to call her one in. Yesterday, I went and got mine. Today we will try a new walk-in clinic if it comes down to us taking her. Right now she is huddled up on the couch feverish and not feeling too good. Poor baby.

This morning the girls and I went to the beach to look at the sting rays along the shoreline. I saw lots of them on my sunrise walk and thought they might enjoy seeing them. So before breakfast, we headed out on our adventure. Lexie was too preoccupied with all the sand to care anything about what was in the water, but Summer did enjoy seeing them. She was fearful of getting stung by one since the babysitter we brought down for the first few days got stung the 2nd day we were here. But, I showed her the foot shuffle trick they told us about at the emergency room ( and by us I mean - Selena and Ariel - thanks for being the guinea pigs!) and they swam away from us. Not sure that is going to calm her fears much, but maybe she will get in one day when there are none around. Poor Lexie somehow found some mean ants and got bit by a few of them on her foot which caused a few tears to be shed. But, they have not bothered her since we got back from the beach so that is good. They were both swimming happily in the pool after lunch time and are now napping away. Summer actually helped me prepare the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and hamburger helper that we had for lunch. That was fun for us both and I am glad she enjoys helping me cook sometimes. Maybe she will be a chef one day or at least a "good cooker" (something she has called me before) for herself and her family should she choose to have one.

Last night, we went out to dinner at Jimmy's fish house. I had a crab stuffed lobster there last week and just had to have another. Summer ate grilled chicken and celery dipped in vinegar and all of the wheat bread they brought to the table. She would not try any lobster, even in vinegar. LOL That really seems to be something she likes. She eats tomatoes in vinegar. She dips her grilled cheese crust in vinegar claiming that is the only way she can eat the crust. Today for lunch she had bell pepper dipped in vinegar along with the hamburger helper she requested. She did not dip it in vinegar though. She's a pretty healthy eater and is very aware of food choices and if they are good for her or not. For breakfast today she had a banana and strawberry smoothie. She loves for me to make her smoothies for snacks. Before bed last night she just had to have her own bowl of apples and strawberries for her bedtime snack. I was happy to oblige.

Anyway, after dinner we headed to the pier to get the special penny I told her she could have when we went a few night before but didn't have any change on us. It is one of those machines where you put in 51 cents and get back an oval shaped penny with a picture on it. She picked a dolphin for hers. Lexie got a balloon dragon from one of the balloon artists. What suckers we are! Then the girls played on the inflatable slides and bouncy house until they were tired and I could wait no longer to get out on the pier and fish. On the way out to the bait house, a table full of bracelets caught our eyes and we picked one out for our new chemo patient. Then Summer picked one for herself. A few tables down, Lexie picked one for herself. Note to self - don't take any more money on the pier. It's all good though because we are supporting local artists who do this for their living. Summer was excited to help me catch some fish and we baited the four hooks on our line with shrimp. We caught fish very quickly which was exciting. The girls loved petting the fish and we tried to throw them back before the pelicans could get to them. I think we succeeded every time and I am glad because one of them bit Lexie on the head while we weren't looking. I was very unhappy at the pelicans at that point because they were kind of a nuisance and now had the kids scared to death. But, that did not ruin our fishing fun and we moved around the pier trying our luck in different locations. The first spot was definitely the best and I eventually made my way back to it after Clint and the kids abandoned me for the playground. Not that I am complaining because then I could actually relax and enjoy fishing without having to worry about them getting attacked by another bird. Plus, they were having fun too so it was a win-win for us all.

Well, let's hope the next few days are a time of healing and no more pain inflicted on any of us. But, that's all part of life. The ups and downs. The good and bad. Thankfully, we are still in paradise so that makes it all the unenjoyable parts a little better. Maybe we will all go watch the sunset at the beach again tonight. We did the other night and it was nice and relaxing. All the colors of the rainbow can be seen in the sky above the ocean when it sets. It is really beautiful. Last night it was kind of cloudy when the sun set and the sun was a pretty red color. I wonder what it will look like tonight.

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Susie said...

So sorry to hear that you and Summer is sick. Glad to see that you still can enjoy your vacation!!