Monday, June 30, 2008

All is not lost!

So, I dropped my laptop at the airport yesterday.  The monitor is not working, so I am guessing it has seen its last operating days.  Thankfully, I had backed up all my pictures a couple of weeks ago, so I only lost a couple of weeks worth of pics at the most.  It still sucks though because now I gotta get a new computer.  Not that we don't need a few new computers around here anyway.  I feel like I have been in a computer junkyard for the past few months.  Now, I have one more piece of junk. 

Summer is doing awesome potty training.  Although she did just pee in her diaper right in front of me.  I heard her and asked her about it and she kept on peeing.  Now she has on a dirty diaper.  "dirty diaper"  And she is repeating everything I am saying. "saying"  As I type.  "type" 

I have just been informed that "bear wants to eat her chicken noodle soup."  So, I better go get her some.  :)


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