Monday, June 16, 2008

More of the same

By noon today, Summer had peed 4 times and pooped once - ALL IN THE POTTY!!!

She wanted to put on her big girl panties this morning after she went to the potty the first time.  She did really good with them on.  When she needed to poop, she came up to me and said "it hurts" and told me she wanted a diaper on.  So, I sat her on the potty instead and we read a couple of books.  When she got up, she had done #1 and #2.  SO EXCITING!!!  

While we were making her grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, she was sitting on the counter.  She told me her panties were wet.  I was scared she had made a big puddle on the counter, but she had caught herself when she started and it was dry.  So, off we went to the potty for her to finish.  When she was done, she was ready for a diaper so I conceded.  I mean, I can't expect it all to happen in one day so no need to pressure back into the panties.  I am seeing a lot of progress which makes me super happy!!!  Can you tell????

My mom said Summer did a pretty good job at her house this weekend too.  Peeing in the potty and grass (she would get out of the pool to go in the grass).  Hey - whatever works is fine with me.  :)

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