Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Big Girl

It is definitely official now - Summer is a BIG GIRL!  Not a drop of baby left in her, unless you count the thumbsucking.  I really hope that is a baby thing and that she will grow out of it soon.  It is precious though to watch her in her bed sleeping, sucking her thumb.  Oh yeah and diapers...I guess those are for babys too b/c BIG GIRLS pee-pee in the potty.  And Summer is definitely NOT doing that.

She is such a good girl though.  Saying "thank you" at the most unexpected times.  She has been so charming lately, warming my heart with joy and pride.  I guess that is what little girls do.

Clint's family is in town for a visit and Summer is having a blast with her cousins.  She can say their names, but not perfectly.  She can say almost anybody's name really.  She woke up this morning and started asking for Amanda.  She saw her last night at dinner for the first time since Christmas, but I guess she stuck in her head.  It was sweet to think of her actually knowing her sister b/c she really does not right now.  There is a big age difference (16 years) so I knew they would probably never be too close, but when I was pregnant with Summer I never thought we would be seeing Amanda so little.  It is crazy how life changes and things are never exactly like you expect. 

We are having a good time with Clint's family, and I may be going hunting tomorrow (or later this week).  Crazy, huh?  I don't think I've ever been hunting unless you count squirrels or worms.  LOL  Don't know what else we will do this week, but I know Summer will be sad to see her cousins go.  She really enjoys playing with them. 

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vssunnyad said...

Jennifer, I am glad Summer is doing well. Sloan is still not speaking real words, well besides Mama, and Yeah and no, sometimes. She is meeting with a speech therapist every week, but she cries every time she sees her. Oh well..Anyway, I am glad you guys are well. Tttys