Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Her Finger is in the Stapler!!!

I just looked over to see what Summer was doing, and her finger was in the stapler.  She looked like she was figuring out how it works.  Too funny!  Now she is putting paper in it and trying to staple it.  Luckily, she is not strong enough to push it down.  She is climbing around the office on one of my Avon boxes, seeing what all she can get into.  She puts it on her head and says, "Hello?"  She is just a mess.  Always making me smile.  She is such a cutie pie. 

Last night was the first time she has ever really let me read a book to her.  And not just one either.  She let me read 3 or 4 small books to her.  Some of them more than once.  It was amazing.  She really listened and was interested in the story.  I haven't really tried to read to her that much in the past few months because she always says "No" and takes the book away from me.  But, last night she listened.  It was precious.  After I finally finished, I brushed her teeth and put her to bed.  I am going to try to start this on a regular basis.  Books before bedtime.  It has gotta be better than Barney!!!

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