Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I wanna talk"

That is Summer's first sentence.  Everytime she sees a phone, she says "I wanna talk."  It is really cute except for when I am talking and she does not need to talk to the person I am talking to.  She does get to talk to her Memaw or Auntie sometimes.  They are about the only people who have enough patience to talk to her since she really doesn't talk back to them.  She does babble, but it is impossible to make out what she is saying except for a few words. 

She is attached to my hip today so I gotta get off here.  She wants me to hold her and will scream until I pick her up...I need a glass of wine!  The sad thing is I felt that way at 9:00 this morning.  I don't know why I can't deal with her whining, but I guess I better learn how.  It doesn't seem to stop when I want it to.  Oh well....

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vssunnyad said...

Sloan LOVES the phone too. She pretends to “talk” all of the time, even when no one is on the line. And if I need to use the phone it’s pretty much impossible because she will just scream until I give it to her. And don’t get me started on her whining! She whines constantly for Paul and me, but the ladies at daycare tells us she does not complain about anything. It just goes to show she does it when she knows it will get her what she wants. HAHA And she still does not have much of a vocabulary yet, so it is her way to communicate to us a lot of times. But, YES, it is soo very annoying. :)