Wednesday, May 16, 2007

12 Month Check up and stuff

I am not sure what is up with the pictures on this site, but it is definitely not the way it used to be.... :(  I guess I can't complain though, it is free. 

I forgot to write about Summer's check up last week.  She went on May 7.  She weighed 22 lb. 12 oz. and was 30 inches tall.  She is in the 75th percentile for both weight and height.  She has continued to maintain a pretty steady percentile since birth.  She is bigger than Willow and Mason are right now and they are 6 and 5 months older than her.  But, the doctor does not seem concerned.  She is a healthy little girl who likes to eat.  She does not eat all the time, but she will eat almost anything.  She'll even try shells and toilet paper and dog food....I could go on and on. 

She has been getting into my plant by the back door.  It is inside and sitting on tile which is a good thing because she likes to pull the dirt out onto the floor and make a big mess.  I may have to put the plant outside or somewhere else if she keeps getting into it.  She also likes to play with the water cans that I water the plants with.  She puts her toys in them (even when they have water in them....LOL).  She will even put trash in them  if you give it to her.  I even found some shells which were on my bathtub in my bedroom in one of the cans which was in the kitchen 30 feet away.  She is definitely a putter inner.  I don't know if I mentioned it before, but she puts all kinds of things in her laundry basket.  Or, the trash can.  Luckily, she has not got the toilet yet.  I am trying to make it a point to put the seat down so she does not see the water waiting for her to put her hands into it...YUCK!!!  It has happened a time or two so she knows how to wash her hands.  Well, she can't do it by herself, but she will go along with you if you help her. 

She is pretty good at her own little way.  I am trying to teach her the words "please" and "help" now (I have given up on Mommy).  I am doing the sign language too when I say the word hoping she will at least pick up on one ofthem.  She knows how to sign "more" and "eat" when she wants to.  She also knows how to sign "I don't want that"....LOL...she pushes things away when it is not what she wants.  Like her sippy cup or the spoon in my hand. 

She can be a very messy eater at times; mainly when she feed herself.  Tonight we had ravioli (with a jar of baby food carrots in the sauce ;)  ).  I mixed some cottage cheese and diced green beans into hers.  She ate two  plates--TWO.  She fed almost all of it to herself.  She was so dirty (she had rubbed her hand in her hair) that I had to give her a bath.  She enjoyed the bath.  She even laughed when I poured water on her head, after I had wiped her face with the towel.  I always hope for that reaction when I end up having to do that, and I usually can get it if I put a positive spin on the whole thing. 

It is amazing the tricks you learn as a mom.  If you want your baby to be happy, you have to be happy when you are with him or her.  They definitely pick up on any negative vibes around them.  So, I am always laughing and smiling when I am with Summer (most of the time anyway).  We roll around in the floor and play and laugh.  She likes to be silly like her mommy, and I can be silly for sure!

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