Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life lessons

There are so many lessons learned in life. Kindergarten sure has taught Summer a lot. This past week they studied presidents so she can tell you who the first and sixteenth presidents were. She may also be able to tell you who wrote most of the Declaration of Independence. It is amazing the things she is learning in kindergarten that I'm pretty sure I didn't learn.

Yesterday when she got home from school, she gave me a jump roping lesson. It was cute to watch her instruct me on how to do it and also what not to do. We jumped rope walking, walking fast, and running. Then she told me to teach her how to jump rope by jumping in place, but my rope was really too small so I did not give her a very good lesson. We went back to her being the teacher pretty quickly. I can tell they have been jumping rope in PE at school.

She is super excited to share her Dr. Suess collection books with her class at school this week. His birthday is Friday so they will be reading some of his stories this week. It is neat to see her so excited about them, and she actually wants me to go get them and bring them back to her today. I hope she will be okay with getting them tomorrow because I've got a feeling that's when it is going to be.

Over the weekend, we went to see the Lady Mocs play. It just so happened to be pink night so if you were wearing pink your ticket was only $2. Summer and I were wearing it, but of course Clint was not. We munched on popcorn while we cheered on our team. Summer could read the scores thanks to all she has learned in school this year and was always trying to keep up with how many points we needed to catch up. She did not think we were going to win because we always seemed to be behind. The last ten minutes of the game we pulled ahead and ended up with a victory which made us all happy. It was also a special night because some of our pediatric cancer friends were honored at the game. So at half time, we went down and chatted with them. We topped the evening off with a trip to our favorite sushi place which is moving locations. It was a bittersweet evening as I remembered being there almost ten years ago on my first date with Clint. Now the once convenient sushi place will be more than ten blocks from our condo instead of one. Bummer! I think Summer likes it as much as Clint and I do. But, life is always full if change, so we will just have to learn to deal with it. One thing I've learned is, no matter what happens, life goes on.......

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Susie said...

My grandchild is reading about Dr. Seuss to preschool. It is always fun seeing what they are learning in school.