Thursday, August 25, 2011


I failed to mention the puzzle that Summer made me on the first day of school. She told me about it on the way home from school. When we got home, she gave it to me. My dad was there too and was excited to see just what she had made for me. The envelope had a little message taped on it which I read out loud. A little over half way through it, I broke down crying. My voice cracked. I looked at Summer, and her face looked as if she might cry too. It was such a sweet moment. I went over and gave her a hug and thanked her. It took me a minute to regain my composure, but when I did, I finished reading it. Then we put the puzzle together as a team. She had traced her hand on a blank puzzle and colored it purple surrounded by a pink and orange border. It was pretty neat and will hopefully be framed one day. Summer doesn't agree with that though because then we won't be able to put it together anymore. We'll see who wins this battle. :)


Susie said...

What a sweet memory and great gift!!

Debbie said...

Awww... too sweet!!!! Hi Summer, hope that you have a great day!!!!!

Sending love & prayers.

God bless