Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2nd week and we're surviving

Summer had her first chapel day today. She was less than excited when she had to put on the special chapel outfit this morning. She was especially appalled by the tie, but she was dressed to code when she left the house and looked absolutely adorable if I say so myself. The uniform thing is working pretty good. She still wishes she didn't have to wear them; she also wishes school was only two days a week. Hopefully, she realizes those wishes are not going to come true. Apparently, Lexie pulled up her shirt today during chapel and her aunt Summer laughed at her, at least according to Summer's afternoon report of her day. I tried to discourage them both from repeating either of those behaviors again.

Summer had P.E. again today which is her least favorite class. The first day she had it, she came home and told me she did not like it. I haven't broken the news to her daddy yet, but maybe, just maybe, she'll change her mind about it. The first day she told me she got to sit out because her stomach was hurting. I think she said they were running. She said they did the same thing today, but I believe she was well enough to participate this time. LOL It is so funny how sudden ailments pop up out of nowhere these days - walking down the hall to class, riding in the car, going to bed. But, a few kind or silly words seems to cure them quickly.

She loves school overall. I am still walking her in every day, but tomorrow I may try to just drop them off. We'll see. She did follow her teacher up the stair to her classroom this morning while I dropped Lexie off at her class. I almost left without checking on her, but I decided it wouldn't hurt to walk by her class. She saw me and came and gave me a big hug or two before I said goodbye, took a few more pictures and left. I've gotten pictures of her everyday so far. Crazy, I know, but she's my baby. She has brought home several new creations a day - stencil art, pop-up book, cards, Christmas ornament. She definitely is getting to do things she likes at school. I need to start taking pictures of those things too because my folder will be filling up in no time at this rate!

Homework is not her favorite part of school, but she has a little every day this week. Today, we went ahead and did tomorrow's homework too so we will be done for the week. No homework tomorrow!!! :D The first day she had to write her name 3 times and count to 20. Day 2 she had to draw a picture of her teachers and count the steps in her house. Today's homework was to draw 3 things they use at school and write the words. She went ahead and wrote 5 "A"s and "a"s and sang the alphabet song to finish up all of her assignments for the week. They turn them all in on Fridays.

Today was her first time to check out a book from the library at school. She told me she was a little nervous to do it because she had never done it there before. I didn't understand why since we checked out books at the local library all summer, but I guess new things are a little intimidating at first. They told her about a late fee if the books are returned late which may be one of the reasons she was a little uncomfortable doing it. She picked out a book that was "true" she told me. It was a book about cheetahs and we read the first chapter before bedtime. She seemed to really enjoy it even though it was more informative rather than story like. Yesterday, she brought home a book with no words which was titled "The first day of kindergarten." She told Lexie and myself a story using her own words that she came up with by looking at the pictures. It was really neat to see the way she interpreted the pages and what words she used to describe them. Lexie has brought home a book the past two days that she said she got at the store. I assume she meant the library. Today, her book was about pet parakeets and yesterday's was an alphabet book with odd animals in it. Seems the library is stocked with plenty of educational books, but I guess that is what school is all about.


Susie said...

Glad to see school is going well for the both of them. That is to funny about Lexie raising her shirt.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Glad she is having such a great time!