Thursday, November 13, 2008

Picking names

We had the little bundle of joy, Lexie, with us again tonight. I still can't decide on a grandparent name so I decided to run them by Summer and see what she thought would be best. I asked her if she liked Lolly, Grandmama, or Nana better. Her reply, "Mommy." She likes Mommy best. LOL So, I guess I am no better off than before I asked her.

I just tucked her into bed after reading a few books, including two "Chica chica" books. She likes the number one better because it has a part which she can remember. She was actually reading them to me while I was crocheting. The only part she would say is "Chica chica 1, 2, 3...will there be a place for me?" It isn't even in one of the books, but she remembered it being part of the book from when we read it the other day. She remembers so much. I just hope that along the way she is starting to recognize some numbers and letters. I know she knows a few numbers, but the only letter she probably knows is G because it is a button on our elevator. :) She also definitely knows 1, 0 and 5. She can almost count to twenty, but sometimes she skips some of the teens. She can pretty much count to ten in Spanish....when she wants to....which is not usually when I want her to.

She is getting so independent, but at the same time she is dependent. I never know what to expect. She wants me to feed her more now. She also wants me to help her potty more than she did a month ago. Maybe it is because she sees me helping Lexie. Maybe it is just because she is two and it is her perogative to change her mind when she feels like it. Either way, I love her to death. Well, not to death, but forever.

She asked me today when she was going to go to Memaw's house again. I guess she is lucky I had already made plans for her to go there tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what we will do with the night off, but I am sure dinner at a restaurant will be involved. I just love my time away from her. It makes me appreciate her even more when I get her back. Although I enjoy my "free time," I love her hugs and kisses even more. She gives me lots of them and at random moments too. Its like she knows how much they brighten my day and every so often she just comes up and gives me a big bear hug...out of no where. Those are some of the most precious moments of my life, receiving love from my little girl. I guess I am reaping what I sow. At least I hope I am sowing seeds of love with her. It is sad all the people that grow up and never learn how love. I don't want her to be one of them so I shower her with hugs, kisses and kind words as often as I can. I see her doing it too so I think we are headed down a good path. Now I've just got to make sure to stay on it.

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