Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another day, another dollar

Not sure what that means, but it just came to me. Sometimes titling these posts is a little hard and make me use my brain a little more than it is used to, so I just go with the first thing that pops into my head. Now that you know my secret, you can use it for your blog too. LOL

Summer is finishing up her nap while I am busy uploading new pics to myspace. Between that and facebook, I believe I have plenty of new family pics posted. There are so many good ones, it is hard to choose which ones to put on my blog now that I am limited to a few. Thank God for digital media!

We went to the library today to return our books and left with two more than we came with. :) So, we have eight new books to read over the next month. We have already read 4. I let her pick a few and I picked the rest. She really loves her reading time, so I like to go out and get new books that will hopefully be a little educational. Or, if not that, that I think she will enjoy. It is nice to be able to keep them for almost a month before returning them. It gives me plenty of time to get sick of them. LOL She usually has one or two favorites and the rest she could take or leave.

We also made a stop by the bank so I could make a deposit and she could get a sucker. Guess what? They were out of suckers!!! Yeah that was a bummer for her even though they did have SMARTIES instead. When we were leaving she said, "We will have to go to a different bank." She is so funny sometimes.

Tonight she is going to spend the night with my mom so Clint and I can have a night out. I can't wait although I'm not sure what we will be doing yet. I hope we have as much fun as she does. :) She always loves to go with Memaw and Nanny. They will be bringing her back in the morning though so I can take her to Playgym. We definitely don't want to miss that!

Check out this cute clip of Summer holding Lexie: Auntie Summer

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