Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm hungry! I'm very, very hungry!

That's what Summer says when she wants to eat, like this morning while we were watching cartoons.  Then she doesn't know what she wants, but lets me name off a million things before deciding on what she wants.  She just can't tell me what she wants, but makes me guess.  She'd still be starving if I didn't name the right thing.  She was on a big cottage cheese kick for a while.  She also likes yogurt a lot.  Her favorite flavor is blueberry.  Of course, if any of the yogurts have a pink lid, she wants that one instead.  LOL  This morning she finally decided on fried potatoes, but she only ate a few. Then she wanted a cookie, but her mean mommy said no b/c she didn't eat enough potatoes.  :p

Last night we found a Tigger puzzle which we did a couple of times.  She just found it again and brought it over so we can do it together.  She is so smart, she just might be able to do it by herself this morning.  She really is ahead of others her age which I guess it a good thing, right?  She remembers everything which is good and bad.  There are some things I hope she forgets....

Yesterday after my Jazzercise class, we saw some little girls her age having a ballerina class.  Well, now she wants to be a ballerina.  So I called the dance school last night and signed her up.  Now we just gotta get some pink tights and ballet slippers.  Her first class is Monday, but she wishes it was today.  I just hope she likes it as much as she thinks she will.  It will be cute anyway. 

We had a birthday party and a baby shower a week ago.  It was a very busy, but fun day.  One thing is for sure, it is hard to get kids to look at the camera when you want them too!!!  Especially when there is more than one of them.  Summer is pretty bad about avoiding the camera.  She might look at the camera for one pic, but after that she is turning her head and usually will NOT smile.  I don't understand why she does this, but she does.  Oh well.  Maybe she will outgrow that.  I hope so anyway.  Otherwise, I am going to have a lot of pics of the side of her face.  LOL

Here is a video of a conversation I had with Summer the other day:


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