Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer's 1st Sleep over

I finally made it over to my friends house and got the pics off of my broken laptop.  Somehow Jeff managed to get the monitor half way working (as long as you don't touch it) so I could get a few folders of pictures I hadn't gone through yet.  I am so glad he did too b/c I almost lost the pics from Summer's 1st sleep overAnyway, here they are in addition to a few others.  Enjoy!

***found some time to add more...

How it all came about:  On July 8, I get a call from Alicia about 5 or so in the afternoon saying she is in labor and has no one to watch Liliana.  So, I met her at the hospital and picked up Liliana.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I was already babysitting Amanda's little brother Ryan too (how that happened I won't even  I had called Jeff and Laurie to come over earlier, so they were here to watch Ryan while I went to get Liliana.  I got home with two little girls calling me Mommy instead of one.  It was odd, but I guess Liliana thought my name was Mommy since that was what Summer was called me.  It was funny.  She called me Mommy all night and the next day too (and a few times after that too). 

Anyway, the night went pretty good.  The kids played and had a good time.  Summer and Liliana watched Barney before bed (as Summer usually does).  They got up and Liliana was briefly alarmed that her Mommy wasn't there, but they were eating breakfast in no time.  Then it was back to playing again.  They even took a bath together which went pretty good as well.  I guess it is easier to take care of two kids who are the same age than two who are different ages since they do pretty much the same thing.  I guess I will find out soon enough when Amanda has Lexie if she brings her over for me to watch.  It won't be long now.  I think she has less than 8 weeks to go!  I wonder how Summer will act around her. 

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