Saturday, March 29, 2008

A night at the circus

We went to the Ringling Brother's Circus last night.  It was a family affair with my sister and her family joining us.  The kids had a good time, as did the adults.  Clint had to go to the bathroom during the show, but didn't want to get up because he was enjoying it so much.  He finally did though....LOL.  Before the show, I went down to get us some snacks.  The lines were long and you couldn't get popcorn (which was what I had went for) in the line I was in.  So I ended up getting a couple of nachos with cheese which I knew the kids would love.  And they did.  I even had my fair share although my hips don't need it!  :) 

The acrobats, clowns and animal tricks were all great.  The only thing I thought it was lacking was a trapeze act.  I have always loved those.  Oh well.  It seems the circus has gotten smaller than when I was a child.  There used to be three rings but now there was only one.  It was still a great show, just different.  The other thing I remember always seeing at the circus was a motorcycle in a cage.  But not last night. 

One thing I did notice is that all the people in the circus are in great shape!!!  They all have lots of muscles and can do amazing things with their bodies.  I wonder how much they work out.  Hmmm.

On the way out, we passed the stands selling spinning flashlights for $18 and other over-priced merchandise.  It is crazy the people that buy it too.  You couldn't even get a snow cone for less than $10.  Thankfully the kids didn't ask more than once and we made it out without buying any junk to add clutter to my already toy infested house!  Speaking of toys, I think I need to go through them and get rid of some.  Sounds like something I could do today while I wait for my friends to come over tonight. 

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